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Hey everyone! Man, it’s been a while, huh? Over a year to be exact. God, I’m rubbish at this.

(Not sorry for posting that AMAZING version of one of my favourite songs of the last few years. So much love for both versions.)

So what, you might cry, has been happening with me?

Well, I’m still working. A lot. Hence the lack of posts here. I’m still super active on Instagram, and to be honest it’s where I prefer to hang out these days. So come on over and follow me. I promise a relatively steady stream of hair, style and cat related posts. I’m going to try and get better at Facebook too. Although I can’t promise anything!

What else? Well, I’m getting married this year.

MARRIED YOU GUYS! And amazingly, I won a fully bespoke tailored suit from the amazing folks over at A Hand Tailored Suit. Obviously I can’t let the cat out of the bag as I’m trying to keep the details from my fiancee, but I can tell you there will be peak lapels, velvet and copious details.

I was also honoured to have been featured on DapperQ’s 100 Most Stylish Dapper Q’s 2016 (No. 38, if anyone’s wondering…).

There I am there. On the featured pic!!


If anyone’s wondering, that photo featured of me was taken by the incredibly talented Elisha Clarke, who shot our engagement shoot this time last year and who I’m so excited to have shoot our wedding in November. You can check out her work here.

Oh, and I made my stage debut! It’s a little project I’ve always wanted to do, and if you happen to be in Dublin on 7th April 2017, do come along to the Sugar Club, to the amazing Bella Agogo’s Steampunk Burlesque and Variety Show– I’ll be strutting my stuff on stage once again!


So I promise to TRY and update the blog a bit more. I’ve found my style evolving and changing over the last few years- to be honest as I have more disposable cash, thanks to the whole job thing- which I’d love to talk about. Maybe that can be my next post…

What would you guys like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments!


Antler Light: Pre-release review

Ok, here’s the deal. The fab Ben who runs the Antler Hair company (check them out on Etsy!) contacted me a little while ago asking would I be interested in reviewing a pre-release of his light pomade, and giving some feedback. So, that’s what I’m doing!

First off, my hair- I have fairly fine Irish hair, mostly straight with a small wave. I have a cowlick at the front which can be a pain. I can use lights as standalones, and some of my best looks come from them. For this review, I’m going to go through scoop, breakdown, application, styling, staying power and “afters”. In that order. 😉 I’m not commenting on the scent of packaging as because this is a prerelease review, the jar I got was unmarked and the scent was that of their medium Apple scents pomade. I will say, it smelled really damn good. 

Scoop: This is VERY light indeed. Scoops super duper soft. 

Breakdown: This pomade takes about 3 seconds to breakdown to nothing. It’s like butter or oil- but it doesn’t feel oily. Just soft and smooth. Really nice. 

Application: As you’d expect after the soft scoop and breakdown, application is easy as anything. The softness makes it super easy to apply right through the hair, coating very easily. Guys with thicker hair might find it a bit trickier to coat everything though. 

Styling: I always use a Denman brush to spread pomade throughout the hair after application. This was super easy, with no problems and no tug and pull even with my tightest comb. Because this pomade is SO light though, I couldn’t get too much height at all. You can see in the photos that I was held to a low contour. In this way, this feels more like a hair dressing than a light pomade. 

You can see that the lightness of the product didnt quite hold my cowlick in place.


I’m not too sure why I look so worried-I was quite pleased! You can see that I didn’t get much height but certainly kept slick


Staying power: I was surprised with how well this stuff held my hair in place throughout the day. Like I said, it feels a little more like a dressing, but once you have it in a lower style in, it does hold well for how light it is. It also recombs like a cinch without water so if it does move a little, you can put it back in place. You do loose a little of what height you could get in the beginning. 
“Afters”: I don’t build up that much- and it wasn’t something I could do anyway as due to the lightness of the product a lot came out of the hair overnight and the rest came out with one shampoo. To be honest, that’s a plus for me. 

Where this pomade really impressed me though was how my hair felt after using it and washing my hair for a few days. My hair felt super healthy, which really pleased me. 

Overall, I have to say this pomade felt like it wasn’t quite a light hold as I consider it- it would need more hold for that. But if you think of it as a topper (as the shine is pretty great!) for something like a medium or heavy it would be great. Likewise if you think of it as a hair dressing- it excels and is similar to Shear Revival hairdressing which I love. This Antlers feels slightly less oily and a bit more conditioning than it. 
All in all, this is a good solid pomade/ dressing and I can’t wait to see the finished product come out. Thanks again to Ben for giving me a chance to review and feedback on the upcoming light from his company. This was my first chance using something from Antlers and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some more! 

I am still alive



Yes, I know, I haven’t posted since this time last year.

In my defence, we bought a house, I started a new job, had some health issues and well… I just couldn’t think of what to say. However, I have been replying to comments and messages as best I can- if I haven’t replied to you, I am sorry, please try again! 🙂

Now, this blog seems to shift and move and drift from it’s original purpose, I guess as I figure out who I am. I know, I know, navel gazing alert! But I’ve noticed since embracing my “butchness” I’ve been embracing that side of me that loves the 1940’s & 1950’s, burlesque, and all things related. So much so, that this weekend I am heading to my 3rd straight Dublin Burlesque Festival. A yearly 4-day extravaganza of all things burlesque, cabaret, performance and style. Hell, there’s even a vintage fashion show on Sunday that I need to PROMISE myself I won’t buy anything at.

Good luck, right?

Hopefully I’ll get back to writing my meandering thoughts again, but until then- toodle-pip!

Christmas Wish List- Hair products

Well hello! How are we doing folks? Well? Good. Here, have a song.

Anyway, guess what time of year it is? That’s right, we’re closing in on CHRISTMAS everyone! My favourite time of year. Seriously, I’m like Elf.

In fact, right now, I’m listening to my Christmas iTunes list, and thinking about all the things I’d like to get, and to buy for others, at Christmas. And then I figured… why not write a blog? In fact, why not write a few themed blog entries? If you have someone in your life who likes the dapper life, or who is slowly starting to gravitate that way on occasion, there are a few essential, and even more “good to have” items that are relatively easy to find, and could make you VERY popular come Christmas morning!

So, as it’s something close to my heart, I’m going to start with a Christmas wish list for those of us who are obsessed with hair. I’ve tried to make sure there are links to locations to buy everything… let me know if any of them break in the run up to the big day!

1) A good comb.

I cannot stress how important a good comb of set of combs are to good styling. Now, there are some very cheap combs that work really well (particularly a brand called Ace, available in stores in the US but not anywhere I’ve been able to find in Europe. Although Amazon and probably a few others do ship here) but for a real treat, I’d recommend one of two brands.

Firstly, and my personal favourite, is a comb available from the maker of one of my favourite pomades, The Daimon Barber.

Tell me that’s not a sexy comb. Just try it! Now, it is made of cow horn, so probably isn’t suitable for a vegan, but it is one of the smoothest combs I’ve ever used. It’s hand cut and polished, and they just look STUNNING. For £14.95 you won’t get a better comb. Buy it here.

A close second is any comb from the Kent range. I’m a big fan of their 7T pocket comb. Nice for detail work.

2) Hair tonic

People don’t use hair tonic enough. It’s a great, versatile product that can be used to style and keep things neat, but also acts as a great way to “freshen” hair between washes if you’re using an oil based pomade. You can get lots of different types, but my personal favourite is very available- you can even buy it in Dublin! It’s a product called “Florida Water” and it smells really fresh and crisp- I also occasionally use it as a cologne splash!

Like I said, you can pick this stuff up in a lot of shops, particularly those that sell weaves and traditionally “ethnic” hair products. I think I paid about €3 for my bottle in a shop on Moore St in Dublin.

There are also lots of other tonics, and I’ve heard particularly good things about the following:

Bees Knees V-Day Bay Rum

Clubman Pinau tonic

Tres Flores Tonic

3) Waterbased Pomade

Ok, I could list tons of pomades in this and the following section, but what I’m going to do is pick 2 in each section that I think would be particularly appreciated under the tree this year. They’re not the type you can find easily in a shop, so it’s unlikely your intended giftee has these, unless they’re already into pomades- in which case just have a root around their collection and see what they don’t have!

My absolute favourite waterbased (and therefore really easily washed out) is The Daimon Barber No. 1.

It smells like… I don’t even know. It’s just like rose, and honey, and sexiness, and unicorns and amazingness, all bundled up in a gorgeously packaged glass jar. And it holds damn well.

Buy it here. 

A second option in this category is a new product from an Irish barbering company which I really dig, called Pomp & Co from Sams Barbers.

I can pretty much guarantee whoever you’re buying for won’t have tried this yet! And they should, because it’s a really great product. It holds great, and smells like… Ireland. I know that sounds weird, but it does. Like sea, and moss, and dirt. In a good way!

Buy it here.

4) Oil based pomade. 

OK, so oil bases aren’t for the faint hearted, and it can be really difficult to find the one that suits your hair. And everyone at some point tried Dax Wave & Groom and gets terrified! Start out with something a bit lighter, from a guy or gal who brews it in their kitchen and you might be pleasantly surprised. Here are two of my (current) faves that might are a bit special for most folks just getting into this dapper arena!

Made by Clare up in Canada, the Absinthe scented version of South Side Soaps pomade is one of my favourites. It goes in easy, styles great and isn’t a complete pain to wash out, but still builds up nicely. I’d say any of the scents are great, but come on… Absinthe scented hair? How damn dapper and cool is that???

Buy it here.

As for option number two… I love Bees Knees. I have a tin of the “One Year Down” special edition, and it is my go to for formal occasions. Smells lovely, is petroleum free (as is South Side Soaps above) which is a benefit, and goes in easy enough, but with serious hold. It can be tough to work with, but it’s so worth it once you get used to it. And Drew who makes it is a true gentleman. Next on my list is the Lite pomade…

Buy it here.

So there you have it guys. A few options for those of you who have a dapper in their lives. I can fully attest that if I were to get ANY of the things on this list I’d be very happy.

I do plan to do a few of these lists in the next little while, so if there’s any particular category of gift list you’d like to see… then leave a comment here, or on my Twitter, or Facebook… Come talk to me, I’m lovely I swear!

Pomade Review: Joltin’ Joe

Alrighty guys, how are we doing? It’s the weekend, so pretty good I’d guess!

Well, first thing’s first, I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review! I’ve also decided that at the beginning of each of my reviews I’m going to include a song I’ve been digging in recent days, or that reminds me of the pomade I’m reviewing. Feel free to press play while you read the review!!! Since this is my first review, and since this is an Irish product (what else would you expect from the Dapper Irish Dyke???) we’ll be having an underrated Irish song this week!

So here we go, with a product which can be got from the lovely folks in Waldorf Barbers- a washable product called Joltin’ Joe Hair Slick. Now, full disclosure, Waldorf have stopped cuttings women’s hair because of a few bad experiences with some female customers, which I understand. While I’m not exactly ecstatic with that decision, I still really REALLY dig this product, and I’ve never actually seen it reviewed. So here I go! I’m still deciding on a format for my reviews, but for now I’m going to break it down into a couple of different sections. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!


Well, as you can see the tin is a standard silver screw top, holding 100ml of product. The yellow label with Joltin’ Joe diMaggio really pops out from the tin and I have to say, looks great! (Please be aware that I’ve had this a while, so the tin looks a bit bashed as it’s moved house a few times, and been on a few holidays too! The tin new looks really sharp.)

Joltin' Joe

The side of the tin has a label too- again the yellow pops, and contains the Waldorf saying: It pays to look good. Ain’t that the truth?

Joltin Joe

The product:

When you open the tin, you’re met with a creamy paste- but definitely more on the creamy side. Kind of like an “oilier” Dax Hair Shaper.

This is a well-used product of mine, as you can tell!!

This is a well-used product of mine, as you can tell!!

The next thing you’ll notice is the smell.

You guys, this stuff smells AMAZING. Kind of like peanut butter and chocolate- a bit like Reeses’ Cups, I kid you not! It’s just a gorgeous smell. And it stays in the hair. Bonus.


As the product is so creamy, applying it is really really easy. I use the product in two different ways- you can either apply to damp hair and style up like you would with a petroleum based pomade, or you can apply to dry hair (sparingly!) to just lend a bit of control to your hair without weighing it down.

The cream itself emulsifies in your hands really nicely, making it really easy to work in.

Applying to damp hair means you get a much higher hold, although it’s still a medium. It’s tougher medium though. It doesn’t really dry, at least not like a gel pomade does.

Applying to dry hair just keeps it neat and tidy, with a lot of movement of the hair still possible. Not really a product for the folks with thick hair, or major curls I’d say.


You can see the result here in these pics (this was styled in damp hair). It’s pretty easy to style with, easy to apply and easy to get a nice sharp part (so long as your cut is decent to start with!)

joltin joe

Like I said, its a very good product. It applies easily, and holds well throughout the day, staying pretty recombable. The finish is relatively natural, or matte, which is something I like every now and again.

It rinses out well with just water, but a shampoo helps get the oils out (there’s lanolin in the product).

All in all, a decent addition to the collection. You can get this stuff in the Waldorf Barber shop in Dublin. Well worth checking out if you’re in the city!

See you next time, probably with another review. I’ve got a good few products to review (yeah, just one or two…)

Til then, stay dapper, peeps!

Getting pomade out of your hair.

Alrighty ladies and gents and everyone who doesn’t feel the need to decide- it’s back to hair we go!

So, some of you will have seen my previous posts on hair (like this one, and this one). Some of you have left messages, messaged me on Twitter and Facebook, and even by email. Thank you all so much! I think those two previous posts covered the basics of using pomade to style traditional mens styles (like contours and pompadours), but something I haven’t really covered is how to get pomade OUT of your hair!

As you’ll remember, oil and petroleum based pomades like Dax aren’t actually meant to come out of your hair at the end of each day. That means that they don’t come out using regular hair washing methods. This is, of course, a bit of a change to your mindset when you start using it! There are a few things to understand when you’re using these kinds of products. I’m going to attempt to cover these in this post.

1) “Build Up”

They key thing to remember when you’re using a petroleum based pomade is that it takes more than standard shampoo to remove it from your hair. However, some will come out on your pillow overnight. This means that you will need to put a little more in to get the same hold each day. This is what is known as “build up”. The advantage of this is that you use less product as your pomade is building from the previous day rather than starting fresh every day. Many people (myself included) find that the ease of styling also increases as time goes along with build-up. But it does take some getting used to.

2) Washing your scalp

Ok, so you might only wash out your pomade every 4-5 (or more!) days but your scalp needs care. Leaving petroleum on your scalp isn’t a great idea- your pores need to breathe. That’s why I still wash my hair with either just hot water or a light shampoo every day in the shower. This also helps with styling- I find trying to restyle “dry” hair to be really difficult with my hair type.

3) “Degreasing”

Ok, down to brass tacks. Getting the pomade out.

From Awkward Yeti

There are a few different methods people use. What I’m going to do is tell you the ways I do it. You’ll really have to do a bit of trial and error for yourself, and your own hair type. I’m pretty lucky in that my hair is fine and relatively straight- which makes it relatively easy to manage.

a) Dish soap

Most basic, and with (probably) no need to go make any purchase- using dish soap. The reason this works is because that dish soap is made to get rid of grease on plates and saucepans. That does mean it can be pretty harsh on your hair and scalp though. But it does get the job done.

The way to use dish soap to degrease your hair is to actually apply it to your hair “dry”- that is, without wetting your hair first. You will need to work it in the hair down into the scalp and let it sit as long as you can. After about 15 minutes, wet your palms and work the soap in again, and comb through with a fine comb. Rinse out with the hottest water you can stand (which will help melt the petroleum) and wash again with the dish soap. Depending on your hair, and how much build up you have in your hair, you might want to wash with a regular hair shampoo just to make sure you get it all. And I’d highly recommend using conditioner, because dish soap is hard on your hair.

b) Water-based pomades

Weirdly, water based pomades can really speed up the “degreasing” process. I have no idea why, but they do. This process can take up to 2 days to really clear all the pomade out- which appeal to some folks because you’re not “shocking” the hair or stripping it quickly. Basically, after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you just apply a water based pomade (like Sauvecito or Layrite) and style as usual. After the next wash you’ll notice that your hair feels “lighter”- this is the pomade coming out. It’s a pretty simple procees but it does take a few days to get fully degreased and clean hair.

c) Specific shampoos

There are lots of shampoos that are specifically made to degrease hair and get the petroleum products out of the hair. Some of the best known ones are:

Dax shampoo

Black & White shampoo

Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

Royal Flush

However, the best shampoo I have found for getting pomade out is actually Tresemme Deep Cleanse– which is really easy to pick up in stores and it’s a really decent price.

I apply it dry and let it sit for about 10 minutes before getting into the shower- I then rinse and shampoo once more in the shower and I’ve found that gets it all.

d) Groom and Clean

You guys, this stuff is AMAZING. This is a product that has been around for years, and is billed as a cleansing greaseless hair control. It’s basically a water based pomade, but that really does a great job of breaking down pomade. It’s available widely in the US, but very hard to get your hands on in Europe. You can get it on Amazon, though, and a few other online stores. I apply before going to bed, comb it in really well, and then in the morning one shampoo gets my hair squeeky clean!

4) Styling in the mornings

If you’re building up pomade, the mornings can be… interesting. Some pomade will come out on the pillows, and I find that just brushing and adding new pomade doesn’t make it easy to style. YOu almost need to “reset” the pomade. I either rinse my hair in the shower, or I use a spray bottle filled with water to wet it. I then simply take a small amount of pomade and reapply, mostly on the back and sides. Then I just style as normal and away we go!

I know this was a long winded post, but I hope it answers some of the questions you’ve all been asking. Feel free to comment, of course, and get in touch whatever way you like.

Until next time- stay dapper, peeps!

How to make your very own bowtie!!!

Howdy howdy folks!

Ok, so I know it’s been a while (bad me!) but I started a new job (well, internship!) and that’s kinda taken up a lot of my time. But I’ve also been doing a lot of sewing- yes, sewing. My brothers wedding is in a couple of weeks, and I’m doing a lot of personalisation to the different parts of my outfit, which is a bit of a challenge, but it’s pretty cool so far. I’m on a very strict budget (since I’m working in an internship!!) so it’s a way to make cheap, low-end highstreet pieces look more put together and high end.

One of the key elements that will anchor my outfit is a bowtie. Now, like many of you who read this blog, I have a few. I prefer self-tie, simply for the coolness factor of being able to untie and leave it hanging as I party! And trust me, this wedding will be a party!

None of the ties I have were really working with my colour scheme (orange, white, navy and tweed) so time to take matters into my own hands. I’ve made a few bowties before, and I’ve worked out a decent method for sewing my own. I mentioned this on Twitter the other day (come follow me!) and after a bit of chat with a fellow butch tweeter, Searching4Self (follow them!) I figured I’d write a tutorial. This will cover making a bowtie that you tie yourself, and that’s not adjustable- it’s just a lot simpler for the first few goes.

So, the things you’ll need are:

Material- whatever you want! Go crazy or keep it classic. Your choice. You’ll need about 1/2 meter, just to be on the safe side.

A bowtie that you like a fits you (or whoever you’re making the tie for!) properly. This means having it adjusted (usually) to the right length.



Some light card or tracing paper

Needle & thread or a sewing machine. A sewing machine is quicker and neater, but you can definitely hand sew if you don’t have one or can’t quite use it yet.

An iron

A chopstick or similar

A relatively soft pencil

Spray starch (optional, but it does finish it really well)


Maybe some snacks. But nothing that will spill or drip!!!

Some background music. Might I suggest my Pride-Tastic celebration on 8Tracks? 😉

Step One- Gather your supplies! Make sure you have everything before you start- it’s just so much easier.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 24 31

Mmmm, sewing supplies!!!

Step Two: Make your template

The first bit of work we have to do is make a template. Once you do this once you can use it over and over, so while it takes a bit of time the first time, it’s worth it.

First, get some card- you can also use tracing paper/ baking paper but it is a bit delicate and likely to be ripped by pins eventually.

Take your bowtie and fold it in half like you would hanging it up. You can either pin the ‘half tie’ onto the card, or just hold it in place, and trace around it. Leave about 1cm at the “narrow” end extra- you’ll see why later.

Cut it out- this is now your pattern!

What you'll have- a template for 'half' a bowtie!

What you’ll have- a template for ‘half’ a bowtie!

Close up of the 'bow' part and the template

Close up of the ‘bow’ part and the template

Step Three: Cut out your basic pieces

Ok, so this is when you start your bowtie proper. Exciting!!!

What you want is FOUR pieces of material, cut into the shape of your template. So we need to make sure that we do this properly. Take your time at this bit- you can unpick stitches, but you can’t put material back together once you cut it!

Fold your material with the right sides together. That means the most colourful sides are facing each other, and you really only see the ‘back’ of the material. Like this.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 28 58

Right sides together!

Put your template down on top at the sides that are ‘open’, and cut a straight line (leaving a good few centimeters each side) so that you have 2 rectangles of material, facing together. Repeat, so that you now have 4. I don’t have picture of this step- sorry! You want to make sure that you have enough space on each piece of material for the template plus about 2 centimeters on all sides for what’s called “seam allowance”.

Step Four- cutting the bow pieces

Once you have your 2 sets of 2 rectangles, with right sides together, you can cut out the template shape.

Take one of the sets- still right sides together- and pin the template firmly to it, making sure to catch both pieces of material in the pins.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 30 35

The template pinned to the material

Once you have pinned the template firmly on, use your soft pencil to carefully trace around the template onto the material. You’ll be using this line as your guide for sewing, so make sure to keep it as close to the template as possible- this will be the edge of the tie.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 32 02

See the pencil outline? That’s going to be your sewing guide so be careful and precise doing this bit.

Now comes the big part- cutting the shape. The pencil line will be your guide here. You DON’T cut on this line- you cut roughly the same shape, but with the seam allowance I spoke about before. I usually give 1-2cm for seam allowance. We will be trimming this later after we sew, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Photo 12-08-2014 20 33 47

See the seam allowance around the template?

Take the pins out, repin the material together, and repeat with the other set of 2 pieces.

Here's your bowtie!! Only a few steps left...

Here’s your bowtie!! Only a few steps left…

Step Five: Sewing!

Ok, here’s where it all starts coming together. You excited?

Basically this step consists of you sewing on the line. If you’re using a machine, it will take about 5 minutes (if even) but if you’re hand sewing it will take a lot longer. If you’re hand sewing keep the stitches as small as possible- it’ll give a much better finish. Don’t stress about making an odd mistake. This is a handmade bowtie, if it goes a little wonky at some point, it just adds to it. It’s not going to be perfect, and that’s ok. Especially the first time!

Photo 12-08-2014 21 18 13

Use the pencil line as your sewing guide- stick as closely as possible to it. This can be a bit tricky with the speed of a machine!!

***KEY POINT!***

You see the long straight part- that’s the neck piece. The small end of it needs to be kept open. Sew from the start of the long straight line all around to the end of that. Just leave the small opening at the narrow end of the tie. Do this for both pinned pieces.

Step Six: Right sides out!

Once you have the sewing finished, we need to trim the seam allowance away. Cut as close as you can to the stitching you just did, without cutting the actual stitches. This will help the bow lie flat.

I also have no picture of this bit. Sorry!

Once you have that done, take your chopstick, and use it to push the bow part through the long neck piece. This sounds more complicated than it is. Take one corner of the bow part, put the chopstick point there, and just push. What will happen is the chopstick with the corner of the bow will come out through the gap you left when sewing. Do this for both pieces you have. Make sure and pull all the corners out as flat as you can. It can be tricky because of the rounded nature of it, so just give it a bash.

Photo 12-08-2014 21 37 22

This is what it’ll look like at the start- just trust the process!

Photo 12-08-2014 21 37 40

It’ll look weird until you straighten it out…

Photo 12-08-2014 21 40 16

Look! It looks like a bowtie!

Step Seven: Ironing

Ok, this bit is relatively easy. Just iron the two pieces as best you can, making sure that all the corners are out as far as you can get, and the curves of the bow part are out also. If you can, use some spray starch after you have the first pass of ironing done. It really helps.

Photo 12-08-2014 21 46 53

I hate ironing usually…

Photo 12-08-2014 21 55 53

Look how crisp, you guys!!!!

Step Eight: Construction

OMG you guys, we’re almost there! What you need to do next is join the two pieces. There are two ways to do this- using an invisible stitch, or just sewing it on the outside. I tried invisible stitching and frankly I’m terribly at it, and I realised that whenever you’re wearing a bowtie, the ‘join’ of the two pieces is covered by your collar! (Unless you’re wearing a wing-tip shirt, but that’s only for black tie, and really, you should just buy a black silk bowtie for your black tie!!)

So why waste time and energy trying to invisible stitch something no-ones going to see anyway? By all means, look up invisible stitching and give it a go. I just don’t see the point.

So what you want to do is just stitch the two ends together as neatly as you can. This is why you gave yourself some extra length when cutting, so you can overlap these ends and sew them. I just go back and forth with the machine a bunch of times until I’m satisfied it’ll hold.

Photo 12-08-2014 21 58 50

Still looks pretty neat if you ask me…

Photo 12-08-2014 22 06 22

TAH DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step Nine- Wear it!

I’ll usually give the whole tie a bit of a going over with an iron at this stage, just to finish it. But either way, voila! You have your very own, one-of-a-kind, handmade-by-your-own-hands bowtie. Wear proudly! Give it to an appreciative dapper in your life. Make more and give them out at Pride, the world is your oyster!

Photo 12-08-2014 22 12 45


So there you have it folks. How to make your own bowtie. I’ve made a load at this stage, and I LOVE them. One thing- depending on the material you choose, you MAY need to use something called interfacing. This is a type of dressmaking material that you iron on to the wrong side of the material to give it some extra stiffness. I have found, though, using regular cotton you really don’t need it- it makes the tie a bit unweildly, and the spray starch does the same job but without the difficulty tie-ing. But if you are using something delicate, you might need it. You can check out tutorials on how to use it online, if you find yourself in need.

So, if any of you decide to make your own bowties, PLEASE leave a comment here or on Twitter showing them off!!!

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You must always do this in the mirror when you finish hand tying a bowtie. It’s the law.

Stay Dapper, all!