Getting started

Lesbian style- it’s not an oxymoron, I promise.

Ok, it might be a little. But maybe I can fix that. Maybe you’re a bit like me- kinda butch, kinda girly, kinda… something, but you’re not sure what. Oh there’s lots of blogs now for the girly girls- some great ones, too. And there are some great ones for us more… dapper of ladies. And that’s what I’m calling it (although it’s not new!). Dapper. Taste the word. Isn’t it lovely?


But I haven’t found any that aren’t based in a progressive American city. Dublin ain’t NYC. You still get weird looks if you don’t wear a skirt to a wedding here.

For real. I’m having a wedding outfit dilemma as we type, but that’s a post for another day.

But the Irish lesbian scene (in my humble opinion) has been kinda rubbish for a long time. Lately, it’s been changing, and it’s been awesome. But it’s still not easy to be a girl who wears a tie here. But I want to, cos let’s face it- oooooooooh they’re cool. And all the stuff that goes with it- Cufflinks! Tie pins! Scarves! Oxfords! Oh, the choices! SO much more interesting than the girly clothes, right?

So anyway, if you feel like following, please do. I’m going to try and post my new wardrobe additions, and basically just stuff I want, stuff I see that I can’t pull of, but maybe you can? And I’d love to hear what you dapper Irish dykes are wearing out there. Let’s strut, folks, and show the girly girls how it’s REALLY done…


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