It’s getting colder…

I don’t know if any one else out there is as fond of cold weather as me…  Autumn/Winter is my favourite fashion season. Big chunky knits, scarves, layering as de rigour… It’s all good baby!

This year, I have a serious want list. I’ll do a quick whizz around, because I know I’ve been lax in posting in the last few weeks… stupid real life!!

I’ve just bought myself a genuine Navy issue peacoat on order from (EDIT: My coat arrived and it’s awesome but the shop seems to have stopped trading!) on order. I’ve always wanted to have a navy peacoat, but they’re hard to find in the cut I like, without too many ‘girly’ embellishments. I’m not too sure how that’ll look on me, the double-breasted cut, but we’ll see when it arrives! I’m hoping to accessorise with orange, which is my favourite colour, and also pretty ‘in’ this season! (I love when that happens!) I have a handmade orange and white snood that my girlfriend made me, which will look great with these gloves:

Leather Gloves from Marks & Spencer

I have a weakness for accessories, so I tend to go a bit crazy on hats, gloves, ties, scarves… I guess that’s my girly side coming out!

Til next time- when I think I might just talk about that quintessential dapper accessory- the tie!


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