I have a new addiction…

Ok, I have to apologise to anyone who is reading this blog semi-regularly. I am a bad, bad lesbian. I haven’t updated in weeks. In my defense I have a PhD thesis to write, and family to visit, and a girlfriend to kiss, and these things all take time if they’re going to be done right.

Especially the kissing bit.

Dog giggling

Anyway, I’ve been pretty negligent. Not from a style point of view, I like to think, but from a writing point of view. It’s just hard to think up stuff to write about- or more accurately it’s hard to narrow it down to one topic per post!

But here’s a quick one, while I keep drafting topics (and more importantly trying to find a decent place I can take photographs without it looking like I’m just taking them in my flat…). Have you guys gotten onto the Pinterest bandwagon yet? If not- GET ON IT!

Pinterest is basically an online scrapbook. You see something you like- you ‘pin’ it onto a ‘board’. It’s a handy way to keep track of bookmarks, for anything, really- but it comes into its own when you’re browsing around looking at style blogs/ online stores, you name it. Like that lookbook pic? Pin it. Like how that shirt goes with that tie? Pin it. Never seen cufflinks quite that that before? Pin it.

Better still, there’s a social side of it too. You can follow peoples boards, and get to see what they’re pinning from around the web too. There are some stylish cats out there on pinterest, and I have seen some seriously interesting and cool looks get pinned from sites I’ve never even heard of! It’s brilliant.

My Pinterest 'style' board.

You really can do an awful lot with it, I’m pretty sure I’m just scratching the surface. It’s invite only at the moment, but leave me a comment if you want an invite and I’ll hook you up!

Til next time- seeya style freaks!


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