What a stylish cinema we have at the moment…

Hello hello!

Inspiration- there’s millions of people and places it can come from. We all find inspiration in many many places- magazines, the street, catwalks… But at the moment, I am finding some serious inspiration in movies that are out right now (or recently) in the cinema here in Ireland.

Now, I tend to take my inspiration from masculine cues- but I can’t copy them exactly, thanks to my body- I tend to try and take inspiration where I want, but I’m also trying to figure out how to make these looks work with my frame and feminine body. It doesn’t always work, but I try. And regardless of whether I can use all the elements, one thing remains; I like looking at men in clothes (and women out of them…)

So, recently I have had a real feast when visiting the cinema, and I’d like to highlight 3 movies I’ve seen and the men who look awesome in them, and whose looks I am currently trying to pilfer a little.

1) Friends With Benefits

Not only do you get to look at Mila Kunis semi naked for a large proportion of the movie (which can only be a good thing), Justin Timberlake looks incredibly stylish throughout. He plays the art editor of American GQ (which, incidentally is a great place to get some style inspiration on its own!), and he dresses for the part, mixing tailoring with a couple of casual elements. Tie bars feature heavily, and I adore tie bars. Clean lines dominate, with slim everything being the order of the day, which works well for slimmer dapper folks.What I took most was the one of strong block colours without much patterning. Very clean, very cool, very dapper…

Key looks from Friends With Benefits- casual mixed with classic tailoring

2) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Full disclosure: I really didn’t like the movie. The only thing that kept me in my seat was the stylishness of what I was watching. Classic British tailoring in fantastic fabrics that made me drool. And these guys are all wearing the hell out of their glasses. If nothing else I realised how much more wear I need to get out of my brown leather brogues and my tweed blazer…

3) Crazy Stupid Love

With a cracking cast and a great storyline, I’d have loved this movie even if it wasn’t just gorgeous to look at! A lot of the jokes and storyline comes from style (or the lack thereof), so of course it was going to be great. Ryan Gosling (who is fast becoming my favourite actor- seriously, check out Lars and the Real Girl for proof of how great he is) wears the hell out of his clothes and oozes confidence- which is a good illustration of what wearing clothes that make you feel good can do for you. There no one particular thing to pull out of the style on this movie, but I just think there are some great looks to think about.

I know Emma Stone isn’t exactly a style icon for dapper lesbians, but she’s really cute and I couldn’t not include her.

So, there are 3 movies recently which have got me thinking of new things in the style stakes. I think in part to these movies and the whole ‘colour blocking’ thing over patterns has been the thing which inspired me to buy bright red cords and a bunch of plain tees from American Apparel. This winter I have made myself a promise that I’ll stay away from overly dark colours.

What about you guys, have there been any other movies that have floated your boat, style-wise?


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