Puttin’ stuff round your neck…

This time- ties.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel weird without something around my neck. Not that way, but it’s reassuring. To have a tie on, or even just some good neck jewelry. It makes me feel confident, and smart, and yeah, gives me a bit of swagger. And it’s ALL about the swagger. When you walk down the street, you should feel like you own it, right? The femmes have their heels and their flouncy hair. We dappers can work the tie, and yeah, often the shoes

So, ties. There are as many options with ties as there are with shoes- you have length, width, flat-bottom or tipped… you have fabric choice, colour choice, pattern choice… It’s easy to get a bit bewildered. I tend to run with a slim (but not skinny) width, mostly because I think the regular mens ties look a little too guy like for me. That’s not the look I aim for. I also find they draw more attention to my chest area and bring the eye out rather than down. I don’t want that attention. I like how a slim tie breaks my torso vertically, because I’m not exactly a tiny lady…

The four fabric types I have in my arsenal are cotton, wool, silk and leather.

Yeah, I said leather. Grey, vintage skinny leather. And it’s THE BOMB.

Right now, it’s cold out there. When it’s cold out there, you need to amp up the textures you’re playing with. Thin cardigans can be replaced with chunky cable knits, canvas shoes: meet leather brogues. Silk or jersey scarves morph into chunkier, heavier, more sturdy knits. Don’t leave your ties behind. Silk ties look odd against Aran jumpers. Too flimsy. Try a cord tie like this one from riverisland.com with your tweed jacket.

Burgundy cord tie, River Island

You have a tweed jacket, right? If not, you need one.

Put a leather tie with a velvet blazer- it’s party season coming up, after all, and what’s more suave, Christmassy, and cool than velvet? Trust me, it invites stroked arms, just trust me.

I’m currently on the hunt for this tie from River Island (can you tell I’m loving their winter collection?), so if anyone sees it, leave a comment!

Fair Isle tie, RIverisland.com

I’m trying to figure out a way to photograph my tie collection for your perusal, but I’m happy with them yet. And I might also soon bite the bullet and start showcasing my every day looks- not because I think I dress better than anyone else, but more to show what I mean about different topics. Until then!


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