I keep having to apologise…

Again, I am sorry.

I can only blame my damn education for keeping me from updating more often- then again I’m blaming my education for a lot of things right now.

A number of developments which have impacted my personal style have occurred since my last post.

1) I have moved from the bright, relatively liberal lights of Dublin to the far less so rural Ireland (where I am originally from). As you can imagine my more ‘out there’ style elements have been toned down- I really don’t want to be getting stared at/ dodgy comments going in to buy a bottle of Coke. Call me inauthentic, call me chicken… I’m just biding my time.

2) I finally bit the bullet and had my first glorious experience in a barbers. I chose the Waldorf Barbershop in Dublin city centre, and that in itself is worthy of a full blog post. I am planning to go in tomorrow for a trim and a tidy up, and I think my next post might write itself!

3) I have started thinking more and more as to what ‘dapper’, ‘butch’ and all those related concepts mean to me. It’s been interesting, and I might start blogging about more than just style and fashion.

So, here’s to a new year, a new haircut and (possibly) a more frequent blogging pattern.


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