Limp collars… limp style

Ok, so here’s the thing. I love collared shirts. Love them. I won’t lie, I sometimes have problems getting them to fit (if any of the rest of you are the same, check out DapperQ’s guide to getting dress shirts to fit– the tips are petty solid!) but I still love wearing them. My face needs a collar most of the time- it just suits me better. But you know what ruins a good shirt? DROOPY COLLARS.

You know, those kinds of collars that pancake out and end up looking like something out of Saturday Night Fever? Yeah. Them. I HATE them.

So what’s the answer? Collar stays. If you look under your shirt collar, or just have a feel at the tips, you’ll probably be able to feel a little pointed strip of plastic- those are stays. And in most shirts they’re sewn in and they don’t really help anyway. If you can, you should invest in a set of metal collar stays, and I have one type that I really really recommend: Wurkin Stiffs.

Wurkin Stiffs are magnetic, which means you can position them anywhere and they will stay. ALL DAY. They are amazing.

Wurkin Stiffs before and after

The magic of Wurkin Stiffs

Now, I have had to do a bit of sewing to remove the plastic stays and to make a space to insert the Wurkin Stiffs, but it’s well worth it.


4 thoughts on “Limp collars… limp style

    • Yup! My mother was a seamstress and made sure all of us- including my brothers- could sew. Probably one of the best skills I ever learned. The amount of money saved on hemmed trousers, replaced zips and fixed collars is amazing!!!

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  2. HIya! I love my girl in a collared shirt! I like fixing it for her when she puts her tie on… I dont know why, I just like fixing it and for some reason she loves me doing it… so keep wearing those collared shirts! their so attractive!

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