Tools of the trade

Howdy folks!

Ok, as my girlfriend will freely admit- I am obsessed with my hair. As if this post on my last cut wasn’t enough, I have decided to tryout a bunch of new ways of styling, products and tools. To the mirror!

Since diving into this world of pompadours and rockabilly inspired styles, I’ve had to do a surprising amount of research into pomades in particular- as someone who has, for most of her life, had curly hair and tried to maximise that, trying to find something that works is proving to be a challenge.

You need your pomp to be slick, neat and to stay that way. In Irish weather, that’s not so easy. Rain, wind, rain, wind… since that’s all there really is, it’s hard to keep a style from getting messed up as you go about your business. At the moment I have a somewhat lengthy process to get my pomp looking good. When I started with it, I wanted it to look natural and dry- no grease. However recently I’ve been digging the more shiny looks I see on some folk- check out Fuck Yeah Queer Pomps for some inspiration and examples of what I mean. My current pomp crush is Sinclair Sexsmith, of Sugarbutch– I mean seriously, look at it!!!

Look at that pomp! Mr. Sexsmith, my new pomp idol!

Currently, I wash my hair and apply setting lotion, usually reserved for little old ladies to manage their perms. This stuff is pretty amazing though, and it allows you to blowdry into the right shape, and it’ll stay. Depending on the strength lotion you use, anyway.

After I apply that, I comb it through, get my part right (it has to be ruler straight- I HATE wonky parts!) and start blowdrying with a round brush to get my hair into the desired shape. I then apply my pomade- right now I’m using Waldorf Barber shops own make, and they class it as a hair shaper. It smells incredible, and it does have pretty good hold, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. I have to finish with hairspray and tbh I don’t like using three different products in my hair to get the hold I need.

So I’m expanding. I read a bunch of pomade review blogs, and pompadour styling sites, and the best so far is definitely The Rebel Rouser; the guy knows his shit, and does great reviews of pomades, combs, and all sorts. He also has a YouTube channel where he has some great videos of applying pomade, how to comb, how to style, etc. Highly recommended. As someone who basically has no money, and no access to pomades (seriously, Ireland is SHIT for this kind of stuff. All I can find is Dax and Sporting Waves, and ZERO water-based pomades. Pppfft!) I need to chose my internet orders carefully.

I’ve decided to start strong, which is probably SUCH a bad idea- by ordering myself some Cock Grease XXX. Yes, Cock. Grease. So many jokes!

I can’t wait!!! (via

Also ordered a new comb too, so we’ll see how that all turns out. I’ll stick up a blog post about it when I figure out how the hell to style it all out!!!

So, what kind of hair products do you other dappers use? Any recommendations? I’m particularly interested in those who sport pomps and quiffs- give me the good stuff!!!


2 thoughts on “Tools of the trade

  1. How ya doin if u have curly hair that u need straightening out try layrite super-hold .. My cousin has a barber shop in all city in temple bar and he supplies it I would highly recommend it . Great hold and great scent 🙂

    • Cheers man! I actually have some Layrite, it’s decent enough stuff but since my hair is short now the curls don’t have the space to come in!! I’m not a massive fan of the regular or super-hold for my hair tbh, I don’t like how it hardens. BUT Layrite Super Shine is the BUSINESS. Brilliant stuff. Does your cousin own Bedford Stuy? It’s the only barbers I can think of in Temple Bar that would stock that stuff. I get mine in Sams when I need it.

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