New season duds

Alright, I have been talking quite a bit recently about things other than clothes, so I think it’s time to get back to basics. What are my current obsessions? I started this blog as an Irish lesbian, and so I don’t want to dwell too much on stuff in shops I don’t have access to on the high street. Also, I am BROKE. So I’ll be concentrating my selections on the few shops I can realistically afford- maybe with one or two exceptions!

River Island:

I love River Island. Most of my clothes come from their menswear department, usually bought during sales. Like I said, broke. For summer, I particularly like their polo shirts and accessories. The quality is pretty good for the prices, and they aren’t too ‘out there’. I have to be mindful of things like that since I’m on the wrong/ right side of 30- depending on your opinion!

Polo shirts in general are favourites of mine, in particular the cotton or knit styles, rather than pique. It’s hard to stay cool and dapper in the heat for me, and I find I need a collar to frame my face. That, and collars mean I can experiment with my latest fave- bowties!

Ecru Cable jacquard polo shirt- River Island

Red marl block polo- River Island

Collarless red stripe polo- River Island

I’m also digging the idea of short sleeved shirts, with ties and bowties to keep cool during the heat, but also to keep looking slick at any stage.

I love green, and this ‘racing green’ is a very versatile shade- combined with a paisley pattern;

Green paisley short sleeved shirt- River Island

River Island have two ties that look great for spring/ summer- too many of my ties are wool or tweed, which looks wrong in the warmer weather.

A denim tie? With a paisley print? Wow. I can see this looking great with dark denim jeans, a white shirt and a navy cardigan or even a navy puffer gillet on a colder day. Slick.

Denim paisley tie. Amazing!

I also have a thing for gingham and seersucker- this red and white gingham tie looks pretty great, and with the right shirt could look very cool.

Red & White gingham

You know, I think this post has gone on for long enough… I’ll follow this post up with a few new shops next time. If anyone has any suggestions of shops in Ireland/ the UK to look at, please let me know in the comments.


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