Summer with Topman…

Well, it looks like my last post was quite popular (in the scheme of things!) so welcome to all those folks who liked and followed me since then! Please feel free to share the blog around to anyone you think might like it!

So, River Island is probably my favourite shop, and Topman is often not far behind. I have to be careful since a lot of the Topman clothes are suited to the skinnier framed, younger folks, but I have picked up a few really nice bits up in here over the years. I will admit though, that recently- at least to me- much of their stuff is a bit fashion-y rather than good and solid. God that makes me seem so old… So what’s on offer for Spring and Summer?

Well, it being Ireland, a decent raincoat could come in handy, let’s be honest. It’s something my wardrobe lacks at the moment, and since I’ve always wanted a khaki/ camel coloured trench coat…

Stone belted trench from Topman

… this one is quite nice. The length seems good, and the shape looks good. Not too girly, but for me I don’t think I’d end up looking like a big square. Which I really, really don’t want to do.

I have to say, these are absolutely gorgeous looking shoes. Substantial enough to look good with heavier trousers like denim and cord for the beginning of spring and during the wetness that inevitably is April, but will most likely look great sockless with chinos or (if you’re feeling brave) shorts.

‘Paddington’ suede shoes, Topman

A lot of the Topman stuff is a bit… out there. I’m sure if I were 10 years younger I’d be up for incorporating some of the stuff into my wardrobe, but frankly I’m not. I do like their curved collar polos;

Purple curved collar polo, Topman

In other news, I do believe my long-awaited Cock Grease XXX pomade has arrived for collection in my local post office, and I am ridiculously excited about getting to try it out.

I think in my next installment I might talk about thrifting and picking up used and “pre-loved” clothes. A LOT of my wardrobe has been found via thrifting, and so I might even give you all a peek!


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