Hair update

Sharp part with a fade- as styled by Waldorf Barbers. Now the challenge is to make it look like this all the time.

Sharp part with a fade- as styled by Waldorf Barbers. Now the challenge is to make it look like this all the time.

I know, I know, you guys are probably sick to the back teeth of me and my damn hair. (And if you are, you share the emotion with my girlfriend,  trust me…) Anyway, I have started trying to expand my product horizons, mostly to make life easier for myself. I may like looking good but I also like lie-ins.

Cock grease, sadly, doesn’t work in my hair. Sadface. But that hasn’t stopped me, so I’m experimenting with Black & White pomade right now and I’m waiting for a few others to arrive in the post.

ANYWAY, where I’m going with this is that if you’re looking to get into pomades, it pays to do your homework. And thanks to the internet, that homework can be done via youtube, facebook and blogs. Hurrah! So I’ve put together a few links here that might help if you’re looking into finding out what might work in your hair without paying out a load of money beforehand. Especially if you’re based in Ireland and are at the mercy of whatever Boots has in stock.

The first thing I’ve found great is the Addicted to Pomade group on Facebook. The guys in there know their stuff, and a lot of the new pomade makers actually are part of the group. They’re super helpful, so it’s a good first stop.

Jan Hella runs the Rebel Rouser blog and does awesome pomade reviews. Definitely subscribe. Some other good ones are The Dapper Society and Livin’ The High Life.

As for youtube, there are a couple of channels that will help you up your game, hair wise.

jmizzle4 knows his pomades, and he does incredibly in depth reviews and styling videos, mostly for finer hair. I have learned a lot just by watching his vids. Likewise insaneone188– he specialises in reviews for thick, wavy hair.

Anyway, there you have it. I’m still trying to put together a post on my thrifted finds, but it’s taking a bit of time to find somewhere to photograph them!

Til next time, keep it dapper!


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