So, I read a book…

I am diversifying. Today’s post is about a book. Not hair, not clothes, but a book.

You see, I read a lot. And the older I get, the less I read novels and fiction, and the more non-fiction, biography and historical books I read. I’m a social scientist, too, which means I read a lot for my studies. So, naturally, when I started thinking more about butchness, and what it means (if anything) to me, I figured I’d better get myself a book. Books have the answer!

So I chose what is, I believe, a classic. A classic that thankfully is available for Kindle. I chose “Butch is a Noun”, by S. Bear Bergman.

The blurb for the book, according to those folks at Amazon is as follows: 

BUTCH IS A NOUN was a critical and commercial success when first published in 2006: a funny, insightful manifesto on what it means to be butch. Irreverent, tender, funny, difficult and sexy, BUTCH IS A NOUN is a narrative about growing-up and coming-out butch, wrestling and embracing it and then wrestling with it some more. It is a story of butch in its best and worst moments, about butch in the context of femme, butch in the orbit of another butch and butch trying to stand alone, sometimes bravely and sometimes foolishly, sometimes successfully and sometimes fatally.

I loved it. It got confusing at parts because there’s a big issue about gender pronouns that confuses me at the best of times (sorry, but it does!), but other than that, it’s so easy to read.

What was interesting in particular to me was how I found myself nodding along at an awful lot of passages, and how many little quotes I wanted to send my girlfriend. I don’t think I am as far along the butch continuum as the author, but an awful lot of the content rang true. I have since recommended this to a bunch of friends, and so I’ll be interested to see what their feedback is on the book. I don’t want to get too into a discussion here about the social value of butch and femme, or a debate about some of the big issues raised within the pages, because I started this blog primarily as a clothes and style blog! But I will say that any of my subscribers (and I do have some, it’s very exciting!) who are curious about the topic of gender presentation, butch, dapper, any of these issues, could do well to pick up a copy and have a read. And let me know what you think!

You can also check out Bears website by clicking this link.

Til next time (when we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming!), keep it Dapper!


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