Sunday Tune- Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Anyone who knows me will know I dislike St. Patricks Day. Hugely. I personally think that it has grown to become a symbol of what is worst about Ireland- drinking until you puke and not caring about the aftermath.

However, since this IS a blog called “Dapper, IRISH and butch”, I better acknowledge it a bit, right? And there are some awesome things about Ireland that I love- don’t get me wrong. Our sense of humour is pretty great, and we have managed to turn out some incredible talent in the creative arena over the years. So, here we have a “Top 5” of Irish music for you, my loyal readers. In no particular order, obviously.

1) Junkster- Mr. Blue.

One of the best Irish bands of the 90’s, that didn’t make it as big as they should have. Love this song.

2) The Commitments

Ok, ok, so this is the trailer. You just can’t pick one track from The Commitments, you have to have the whole bunch. One of my favourite Irish movies, and books- if you’ve never seen it, WATCH IT. For the music, for the story, for the slick style they commandeer in their gigs. It’s also one of the most accurate portrayals of early 90’s Dublin I’ve seen. Cracker.

Ok, ok, go on then. Here’s In The Midnight Hour.

3) Pavement Tune- The Frames

Some of you guys might know Glen Hansard (lead singer of The Frames) from the movie ‘Once’. He won an Oscar for that. He’s also in The Commitments. The guy is talented! But The Frames will always have a place in my heart because they were a huge part of my life soundtrack in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s. It’s hard to pick just one song of theirs, but this is probably my favourite.

4) I Don’t Know- Lisa Hannigan

She’s just… adorable.

5) Warm- The Coronas. 

Possibly one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. When you have lyrics like “So tell me more, bare your soul, I want to keep it warm”, or “It’s the small things that make me sure, like how I would happily spend hours on end without words” it’s going to be beautiful.

So there we have it folks. Some of my favourite songs from my favourite Irish artists. Honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the cut include Sinead O’Connor, Zrazy, Damien Rice and The Stunning. Look ’em up! And Happy St. Patricks Day, and good luck the Irish Womens Rugby team who are going for the Grand Slam in Italy today. Bring it home ladies!


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