Sunday Tune

Alrighty guys,

I am just over one week before I hand in my thesis, and I have had the week from hell. My best friends oldest son, aged 6 years old, was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and never came out of sedation. He died within 2 days of the diagnosis. We are all still coming to terms with it, he was one of my favourite ever people. This week, he should have celebrated his 7th birthday by going to the zoo.

It feels so strange, but life goes on and I still have a thesis to hand in in 9 days time.

But I want to dedicate this weeks Sunday Tune to him. This is not a song I love, but it will forever remind me of him because I taught him the chorus just so he could annoy his parents. We used to sing it together, and I’ll really miss that.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Tune

  1. It IS a strange, time warp sort of feeling when someone we love dies and life goes on.
    What a special boy your little friend, you will always have your memories and his love for you as you go forward.
    This video made me laugh because of my image of the two of you bee-bopping through it and laughing boisterously as any two kids having a silly time together!
    Best to you as you turn in the best thesis you can possibly write!

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