Hahah, did I get your attention? Yes, I said balls.

Not THOSE kind of balls. Formal ones. Ones with tuxedos and ballgowns. Which can strike fear into the most hardened of individuals. Never mind if its your first time going to one since you’ve turned a dapper corner… And if you’re broke, like me! And I have one coming up at the weekend, so with limited funds I need to figure out something to wear. Luckily, I can get away with something not ultra formal, but I still need to dress appropriately.

So what are the options? Well, the standard tux is an option… Just not one I’m terribly fond of. Don’t get me wrong, I love tuxedos- if I could find one that didn’t make my proportions look way out of whack! The standard tuxedos were designed to emphasize the male body- to make shoulders look wider, the torso look longer and the jaw look commanding. I don’t really want those parts of my body looking any bigger than they are, thank you very much.

One long like of colour (ie black or midnight blue) is great for making you look slimmer and taller, but let’s be honest- it can look a bit dull, especially if you’re going to an event that allows you some leverage. So why not push the boat out a bit? There’s a great post on The Style Blogger about alternatives to rental tuxedos, and some of the looks are great. I particularly like this look, with the velvet blazer.

This mix of tones (grey on white on black) are formal enough, but keeping it interesting. It’s also a mix of items that are likely to exist in your closet already. White shirt? Grey trousers? Bowtie? Black jacket? Black shoes? Check, check, check and check!  I’m never really sure about cummerbunds, but I could be tempted. They’re not something you really see here in Ireland.

So I think this will be my inspiration for the ball this week. I might even stick up some pics on Tumblr of my outfit…

Til then, stay dapper peeps!


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