Outfit updates

Hey guys and gals and everyone in between- you beautiful beautiful people you!

You might sense that I am in a good mood, and you’d be right. The sun is shining GLORIOUSLY in Dublin at the moment, which means everyone feels great, so everyone looks great. Short skirts and shorts are ten a penny, and this lesbian couldn’t be happier! It’s Friday, too, I mean COME ON!

I also had a great couple of days… I have been making a few submissions over on the FANTASTIC QueerBois tumblr (check it out if  you haven’t already, it’s great!) and a few reblogs have happened, which is pretty cool. I even got reblogged from the QueerBois site to another tumblr I follow, which was a bit strange, seeing myself pop on the equally great Masculine Of Center tumblr! But for those of my followers who haven’t succumbed to Tumblr, I said I’d stick up a couple of the pics to share with you. I ‘m getting more and more confident in my accessorising… even it’s it’s terrible, don’t tell me!

Sharp for summer

Black Tie stylin’…


Anyway, enough of me and my mug! I hope all of your guys’ summer calenders are starting my fill up nicely with parties and bbq’s that give you great excuses to either dress up in your finest dapper duds or at least oogle those of us who do! 😉

‘Til next time, stay dapper, folks!




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