A momentous few days…

This week has been monumental for a couple of different reasons, hasn’t it? I’m not American, but I have really loved the news coming over the last while.

First it was that epic filibuster… Then came the news that DOMA and Prop. 8 are unconstitutional. It doesn’t directly effect me, but I was so happy to hear it. Whether we like it or not, where the US goes, most other countries follow.

I know there is a big debate within our community about marriage equality, and if its even something we queers should be worrying about, or fighting for. Just because you’re married it won’t mean you’re not living in poverty, or with no healthcare, nor does it mean you are magically happy in your life. But I still maintain that the lack of equality, in whatever form, is something that needs to be addressed. In my life I am working for equality for people with disabilities. I’m not directly effected by the inequality they suffer, and I don’t think that by working towards equality for them in education, for example, that their housing will fix itself. But it’s something.

The same is true of marriage equality. Me being able to marry the woman I love, and to have that recognised by the country I live in, wont stop trans men being called ‘madam’, or stop gay youth committing suicide in scary numbers. It will though, for many people, give recognition to their relationships. And that can very quickly make a difference to their self esteem, their mental health and how others view them. How is that a bad thing?

Even with all the good news, however, I was saddened to hear that one of the most influential people in the gay rights movement here in Ireland, Sen. David Norris, is very ill with cancer. If it were not for him, the landscape of many many lives in Ireland would be radically different- and not in a good way. Sen. Norris does not work only for gay rights but is passionate about human rights across the board. I really wish him a successful and speedy recovery.

And to end, I’d like to share a picture of myself with an adorable puppy. Just because I can.



One thought on “A momentous few days…

  1. I don’t disagree entirely. But I question the allocation of funding, resources and media attention when there are more pressing issues that we, as a community have to deal with. Homelessness and violence, particularly against trans* members of our community should be a priority, and should be getting attention, but it isn’t. Instead, Trans* issues are being silenced by the marriage “equality” movement because it is not heteronormative enough, they are too queer.
    As for marriage itself, the existence of the institution creates inequality, it gives benefits to those who are married over those who are single.
    However, you are right, whilever marriage exists as an institution, all people should have equal access it’s benefits.

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