Make and Do time!!!

I have recently moved in with my gorgeous partner (\o/), and we are travelling down that lovely road of trying to make a smallish basic white rental apartment look like ‘us’. Trying to make it seem like we live there, like it’s home, and that both our interests are included. We have made numerous trips to Ikea and back, and for the most part it’s worked really well. However, sometimes you just have to go looking for something a  bit different.

And sometimes, you have to MAKE it.

As I’ve blogged about previously, I like making things. There are some skills that it is assumed a Butch has, by right of birth. I have none of these. Well, ok, I have some (Wink Wink!!) but when it comes to DIY I’m… not exactly gifted. I can however cook, bake and sew- my mother would be proud! Therefore I rule at soft furnishings. I have so far made two rather lovely (if I say so myself) patchwork quilts, and a few cushion covers. I also (get this, dapper points coming) made my first ever self-tie bowtie the other night.

Nice, right? Anyway, what I’m saying is sometimes the best way to get something you love, that really reflects your personal style is to make it. That can mean sewing a bow-tie, taking your own perfect landscape photograph to display, screen printing a tee shirt or repurposing furniture. Sure, you can get something on the highstreet or in Ikea that will do the job, but let’s be honest- everyone else has it too. I don’t like being the same as everyone else. And I also don’t like spending lots of money. Which is where my latest project comes in.

My partner found a set of four basic wooden dining room chairs in a charity shop for 5 euro each. They’re bland and basic- perfect for what we want. Our plan is to strip them, sand them, paint them and reupholster them. And I plan to show you, dear readers, how we do it! But in the meantime, let me know if any of you have ever done anything like this- feel free to give tips and advice, for sure! Anyone out there into the crafting and repurposing thing? I’d love to see it if you are.

‘Til then, stay dapper peeps!


2 thoughts on “Make and Do time!!!

  1. Plan plan plan ahead is my advice. I come from an engineering background and it helps to put aside time to do the project, list and gather all materials in advance, and then knock it out.

    That’s more of a process tip but I find it helpful b/c DIY tends to get pushed off the more inconvenient it gets.

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