Getting pomade out of your hair.

Alrighty ladies and gents and everyone who doesn’t feel the need to decide- it’s back to hair we go!

So, some of you will have seen my previous posts on hair (like this one, and this one). Some of you have left messages, messaged me on Twitter and Facebook, and even by email. Thank you all so much! I think those two previous posts covered the basics of using pomade to style traditional mens styles (like contours and pompadours), but something I haven’t really covered is how to get pomade OUT of your hair!

As you’ll remember, oil and petroleum based pomades like Dax aren’t actually meant to come out of your hair at the end of each day. That means that they don’t come out using regular hair washing methods. This is, of course, a bit of a change to your mindset when you start using it! There are a few things to understand when you’re using these kinds of products. I’m going to attempt to cover these in this post.

1) “Build Up”

They key thing to remember when you’re using a petroleum based pomade is that it takes more than standard shampoo to remove it from your hair. However, some will come out on your pillow overnight. This means that you will need to put a little more in to get the same hold each day. This is what is known as “build up”. The advantage of this is that you use less product as your pomade is building from the previous day rather than starting fresh every day. Many people (myself included) find that the ease of styling also increases as time goes along with build-up. But it does take some getting used to.

2) Washing your scalp

Ok, so you might only wash out your pomade every 4-5 (or more!) days but your scalp needs care. Leaving petroleum on your scalp isn’t a great idea- your pores need to breathe. That’s why I still wash my hair with either just hot water or a light shampoo every day in the shower. This also helps with styling- I find trying to restyle “dry” hair to be really difficult with my hair type.

3) “Degreasing”

Ok, down to brass tacks. Getting the pomade out.

From Awkward Yeti

There are a few different methods people use. What I’m going to do is tell you the ways I do it. You’ll really have to do a bit of trial and error for yourself, and your own hair type. I’m pretty lucky in that my hair is fine and relatively straight- which makes it relatively easy to manage.

a) Dish soap

Most basic, and with (probably) no need to go make any purchase- using dish soap. The reason this works is because that dish soap is made to get rid of grease on plates and saucepans. That does mean it can be pretty harsh on your hair and scalp though. But it does get the job done.

The way to use dish soap to degrease your hair is to actually apply it to your hair “dry”- that is, without wetting your hair first. You will need to work it in the hair down into the scalp and let it sit as long as you can. After about 15 minutes, wet your palms and work the soap in again, and comb through with a fine comb. Rinse out with the hottest water you can stand (which will help melt the petroleum) and wash again with the dish soap. Depending on your hair, and how much build up you have in your hair, you might want to wash with a regular hair shampoo just to make sure you get it all. And I’d highly recommend using conditioner, because dish soap is hard on your hair.

b) Water-based pomades

Weirdly, water based pomades can really speed up the “degreasing” process. I have no idea why, but they do. This process can take up to 2 days to really clear all the pomade out- which appeal to some folks because you’re not “shocking” the hair or stripping it quickly. Basically, after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you just apply a water based pomade (like Sauvecito or Layrite) and style as usual. After the next wash you’ll notice that your hair feels “lighter”- this is the pomade coming out. It’s a pretty simple procees but it does take a few days to get fully degreased and clean hair.

c) Specific shampoos

There are lots of shampoos that are specifically made to degrease hair and get the petroleum products out of the hair. Some of the best known ones are:

Dax shampoo

Black & White shampoo

Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

Royal Flush

However, the best shampoo I have found for getting pomade out is actually Tresemme Deep Cleanse– which is really easy to pick up in stores and it’s a really decent price.

I apply it dry and let it sit for about 10 minutes before getting into the shower- I then rinse and shampoo once more in the shower and I’ve found that gets it all.

d) Groom and Clean

You guys, this stuff is AMAZING. This is a product that has been around for years, and is billed as a cleansing greaseless hair control. It’s basically a water based pomade, but that really does a great job of breaking down pomade. It’s available widely in the US, but very hard to get your hands on in Europe. You can get it on Amazon, though, and a few other online stores. I apply before going to bed, comb it in really well, and then in the morning one shampoo gets my hair squeeky clean!

4) Styling in the mornings

If you’re building up pomade, the mornings can be… interesting. Some pomade will come out on the pillows, and I find that just brushing and adding new pomade doesn’t make it easy to style. YOu almost need to “reset” the pomade. I either rinse my hair in the shower, or I use a spray bottle filled with water to wet it. I then simply take a small amount of pomade and reapply, mostly on the back and sides. Then I just style as normal and away we go!

I know this was a long winded post, but I hope it answers some of the questions you’ve all been asking. Feel free to comment, of course, and get in touch whatever way you like.

Until next time- stay dapper, peeps!