Pomade Review: Joltin’ Joe

Alrighty guys, how are we doing? It’s the weekend, so pretty good I’d guess!

Well, first thing’s first, I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review! I’ve also decided that at the beginning of each of my reviews I’m going to include a song I’ve been digging in recent days, or that reminds me of the pomade I’m reviewing. Feel free to press play while you read the review!!! Since this is my first review, and since this is an Irish product (what else would you expect from the Dapper Irish Dyke???) we’ll be having an underrated Irish song this week!

So here we go, with a product which can be got from the lovely folks in Waldorf Barbers- a washable product called Joltin’ Joe Hair Slick. Now, full disclosure, Waldorf have stopped cuttings women’s hair because of a few bad experiences with some female customers, which I understand. While I’m not exactly ecstatic with that decision, I still really REALLY dig this product, and I’ve never actually seen it reviewed. So here I go! I’m still deciding on a format for my reviews, but for now I’m going to break it down into a couple of different sections. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!


Well, as you can see the tin is a standard silver screw top, holding 100ml of product. The yellow label with Joltin’ Joe diMaggio really pops out from the tin and I have to say, looks great! (Please be aware that I’ve had this a while, so the tin looks a bit bashed as it’s moved house a few times, and been on a few holidays too! The tin new looks really sharp.)

Joltin' Joe

The side of the tin has a label too- again the yellow pops, and contains the Waldorf saying: It pays to look good. Ain’t that the truth?

Joltin Joe

The product:

When you open the tin, you’re met with a creamy paste- but definitely more on the creamy side. Kind of like an “oilier” Dax Hair Shaper.

This is a well-used product of mine, as you can tell!!

This is a well-used product of mine, as you can tell!!

The next thing you’ll notice is the smell.

You guys, this stuff smells AMAZING. Kind of like peanut butter and chocolate- a bit like Reeses’ Cups, I kid you not! It’s just a gorgeous smell. And it stays in the hair. Bonus.


As the product is so creamy, applying it is really really easy. I use the product in two different ways- you can either apply to damp hair and style up like you would with a petroleum based pomade, or you can apply to dry hair (sparingly!) to just lend a bit of control to your hair without weighing it down.

The cream itself emulsifies in your hands really nicely, making it really easy to work in.

Applying to damp hair means you get a much higher hold, although it’s still a medium. It’s tougher medium though. It doesn’t really dry, at least not like a gel pomade does.

Applying to dry hair just keeps it neat and tidy, with a lot of movement of the hair still possible. Not really a product for the folks with thick hair, or major curls I’d say.


You can see the result here in these pics (this was styled in damp hair). It’s pretty easy to style with, easy to apply and easy to get a nice sharp part (so long as your cut is decent to start with!)

joltin joe

Like I said, its a very good product. It applies easily, and holds well throughout the day, staying pretty recombable. The finish is relatively natural, or matte, which is something I like every now and again.

It rinses out well with just water, but a shampoo helps get the oils out (there’s lanolin in the product).

All in all, a decent addition to the collection. You can get this stuff in the Waldorf Barber shop in Dublin. Well worth checking out if you’re in the city!

See you next time, probably with another review. I’ve got a good few products to review (yeah, just one or two…)

Til then, stay dapper, peeps!


3 thoughts on “Pomade Review: Joltin’ Joe

  1. Congratulations on the analysis! I could tell you how long it has existed since Walfdor has existed since 1921.

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