Christmas Wish List- Hair products

Well hello! How are we doing folks? Well? Good. Here, have a song.

Anyway, guess what time of year it is? That’s right, we’re closing in on CHRISTMAS everyone! My favourite time of year. Seriously, I’m like Elf.

In fact, right now, I’m listening to my Christmas iTunes list, and thinking about all the things I’d like to get, and to buy for others, at Christmas. And then I figured… why not write a blog? In fact, why not write a few themed blog entries? If you have someone in your life who likes the dapper life, or who is slowly starting to gravitate that way on occasion, there are a few essential, and even more “good to have” items that are relatively easy to find, and could make you VERY popular come Christmas morning!

So, as it’s something close to my heart, I’m going to start with a Christmas wish list for those of us who are obsessed with hair. I’ve tried to make sure there are links to locations to buy everything… let me know if any of them break in the run up to the big day!

1) A good comb.

I cannot stress how important a good comb of set of combs are to good styling. Now, there are some very cheap combs that work really well (particularly a brand called Ace, available in stores in the US but not anywhere I’ve been able to find in Europe. Although Amazon and probably a few others do ship here) but for a real treat, I’d recommend one of two brands.

Firstly, and my personal favourite, is a comb available from the maker of one of my favourite pomades, The Daimon Barber.

Tell me that’s not a sexy comb. Just try it! Now, it is made of cow horn, so probably isn’t suitable for a vegan, but it is one of the smoothest combs I’ve ever used. It’s hand cut and polished, and they just look STUNNING. For £14.95 you won’t get a better comb. Buy it here.

A close second is any comb from the Kent range. I’m a big fan of their 7T pocket comb. Nice for detail work.

2) Hair tonic

People don’t use hair tonic enough. It’s a great, versatile product that can be used to style and keep things neat, but also acts as a great way to “freshen” hair between washes if you’re using an oil based pomade. You can get lots of different types, but my personal favourite is very available- you can even buy it in Dublin! It’s a product called “Florida Water” and it smells really fresh and crisp- I also occasionally use it as a cologne splash!

Like I said, you can pick this stuff up in a lot of shops, particularly those that sell weaves and traditionally “ethnic” hair products. I think I paid about €3 for my bottle in a shop on Moore St in Dublin.

There are also lots of other tonics, and I’ve heard particularly good things about the following:

Bees Knees V-Day Bay Rum

Clubman Pinau tonic

Tres Flores Tonic

3) Waterbased Pomade

Ok, I could list tons of pomades in this and the following section, but what I’m going to do is pick 2 in each section that I think would be particularly appreciated under the tree this year. They’re not the type you can find easily in a shop, so it’s unlikely your intended giftee has these, unless they’re already into pomades- in which case just have a root around their collection and see what they don’t have!

My absolute favourite waterbased (and therefore really easily washed out) is The Daimon Barber No. 1.

It smells like… I don’t even know. It’s just like rose, and honey, and sexiness, and unicorns and amazingness, all bundled up in a gorgeously packaged glass jar. And it holds damn well.

Buy it here. 

A second option in this category is a new product from an Irish barbering company which I really dig, called Pomp & Co from Sams Barbers.

I can pretty much guarantee whoever you’re buying for won’t have tried this yet! And they should, because it’s a really great product. It holds great, and smells like… Ireland. I know that sounds weird, but it does. Like sea, and moss, and dirt. In a good way!

Buy it here.

4) Oil based pomade. 

OK, so oil bases aren’t for the faint hearted, and it can be really difficult to find the one that suits your hair. And everyone at some point tried Dax Wave & Groom and gets terrified! Start out with something a bit lighter, from a guy or gal who brews it in their kitchen and you might be pleasantly surprised. Here are two of my (current) faves that might are a bit special for most folks just getting into this dapper arena!

Made by Clare up in Canada, the Absinthe scented version of South Side Soaps pomade is one of my favourites. It goes in easy, styles great and isn’t a complete pain to wash out, but still builds up nicely. I’d say any of the scents are great, but come on… Absinthe scented hair? How damn dapper and cool is that???

Buy it here.

As for option number two… I love Bees Knees. I have a tin of the “One Year Down” special edition, and it is my go to for formal occasions. Smells lovely, is petroleum free (as is South Side Soaps above) which is a benefit, and goes in easy enough, but with serious hold. It can be tough to work with, but it’s so worth it once you get used to it. And Drew who makes it is a true gentleman. Next on my list is the Lite pomade…

Buy it here.

So there you have it guys. A few options for those of you who have a dapper in their lives. I can fully attest that if I were to get ANY of the things on this list I’d be very happy.

I do plan to do a few of these lists in the next little while, so if there’s any particular category of gift list you’d like to see… then leave a comment here, or on my Twitter, or Facebook… Come talk to me, I’m lovely I swear!