Antler Light: Pre-release review

Ok, here’s the deal. The fab Ben who runs the Antler Hair company (check them out on Etsy!) contacted me a little while ago asking would I be interested in reviewing a pre-release of his light pomade, and giving some feedback. So, that’s what I’m doing!

First off, my hair- I have fairly fine Irish hair, mostly straight with a small wave. I have a cowlick at the front which can be a pain. I can use lights as standalones, and some of my best looks come from them. For this review, I’m going to go through scoop, breakdown, application, styling, staying power and “afters”. In that order. 😉 I’m not commenting on the scent of packaging as because this is a prerelease review, the jar I got was unmarked and the scent was that of their medium Apple scents pomade. I will say, it smelled really damn good. 

Scoop: This is VERY light indeed. Scoops super duper soft. 

Breakdown: This pomade takes about 3 seconds to breakdown to nothing. It’s like butter or oil- but it doesn’t feel oily. Just soft and smooth. Really nice. 

Application: As you’d expect after the soft scoop and breakdown, application is easy as anything. The softness makes it super easy to apply right through the hair, coating very easily. Guys with thicker hair might find it a bit trickier to coat everything though. 

Styling: I always use a Denman brush to spread pomade throughout the hair after application. This was super easy, with no problems and no tug and pull even with my tightest comb. Because this pomade is SO light though, I couldn’t get too much height at all. You can see in the photos that I was held to a low contour. In this way, this feels more like a hair dressing than a light pomade. 

You can see that the lightness of the product didnt quite hold my cowlick in place.


I’m not too sure why I look so worried-I was quite pleased! You can see that I didn’t get much height but certainly kept slick


Staying power: I was surprised with how well this stuff held my hair in place throughout the day. Like I said, it feels a little more like a dressing, but once you have it in a lower style in, it does hold well for how light it is. It also recombs like a cinch without water so if it does move a little, you can put it back in place. You do loose a little of what height you could get in the beginning. 
“Afters”: I don’t build up that much- and it wasn’t something I could do anyway as due to the lightness of the product a lot came out of the hair overnight and the rest came out with one shampoo. To be honest, that’s a plus for me. 

Where this pomade really impressed me though was how my hair felt after using it and washing my hair for a few days. My hair felt super healthy, which really pleased me. 

Overall, I have to say this pomade felt like it wasn’t quite a light hold as I consider it- it would need more hold for that. But if you think of it as a topper (as the shine is pretty great!) for something like a medium or heavy it would be great. Likewise if you think of it as a hair dressing- it excels and is similar to Shear Revival hairdressing which I love. This Antlers feels slightly less oily and a bit more conditioning than it. 
All in all, this is a good solid pomade/ dressing and I can’t wait to see the finished product come out. Thanks again to Ben for giving me a chance to review and feedback on the upcoming light from his company. This was my first chance using something from Antlers and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some more!