About this blog

I’m not vain, honest.

Ok, so maybe I am a little. But really, it’s only for show. But then again, isn’t everything? (I guess this is the point I tell you I’m a philosophy grad, so I’m prone to navel gazing…)

But really- when I first came out, I had no idea how to dress. I was big (still am!), I was 19 and I was naive. I thought lesbians had to wear ill fitting mens clothes and scowl a lot. Neither of which I did. So, I retreated to that safe land of jeans and tee shirts. Ok, I could be forgiven- I was 19. But I’m not 19 anymore, and still I find myself in jeans and tees sometimes.

And now I need to look like someone to be taken seriously. I’ve been making steps towards it, little tiny baby-dyke steps. Now I need a push, a reason to keep going in a style direction I never thought I’d have the balls to go down.

And you guys get to watch.

But this blog isn’t just about style and fashion, although I talk about both (and am writing pomade reviews). It’s about how I am finding the journey of being butch/dapper/masculine of centre in Ireland. It’s not the worst place in the world to be visibly gay, but it’s not always the most forward thinking either. So what happens next is anyone’s guess…


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hey I’m DeeDee, you may remember me from websites such as boards.ie and …. Well maybe just boards!!! 😛 Any how, I like your blog on shoes 🙂


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