Antler Light: Pre-release review

Ok, here’s the deal. The fab Ben who runs the Antler Hair company (check them out on Etsy!) contacted me a little while ago asking would I be interested in reviewing a pre-release of his light pomade, and giving some feedback. So, that’s what I’m doing!

First off, my hair- I have fairly fine Irish hair, mostly straight with a small wave. I have a cowlick at the front which can be a pain. I can use lights as standalones, and some of my best looks come from them. For this review, I’m going to go through scoop, breakdown, application, styling, staying power and “afters”. In that order. ūüėČ I’m not commenting on the scent of packaging as because this is a prerelease review, the jar I got was unmarked and the scent was that of their medium Apple scents pomade. I will say, it smelled really damn good. 

Scoop: This is VERY light indeed. Scoops super duper soft. 

Breakdown: This pomade takes about 3 seconds to breakdown to nothing. It’s like butter or oil- but it doesn’t feel oily. Just soft and smooth. Really nice. 

Application: As you’d expect after the soft scoop and breakdown, application is easy as anything. The softness makes it super easy to apply right through the hair, coating very easily. Guys with thicker hair might find it a bit trickier to coat everything though. 

Styling: I always use a Denman brush to spread pomade throughout the hair after application. This was super easy, with no problems and no tug and pull even with my tightest comb. Because this pomade is SO light though, I couldn’t get too much height at all. You can see in the photos that I was held to a low contour. In this way, this feels more like a hair dressing than a light pomade. 

You can see that the lightness of the product didnt quite hold my cowlick in place.


I’m not too sure why I look so worried-I was quite pleased! You can see that I didn’t get much height but certainly kept slick


Staying power: I was surprised with how well this stuff held my hair in place throughout the day. Like I said, it feels a little more like a dressing, but once you have it in a lower style in, it does hold well for how light it is. It also recombs like a cinch without water so if it does move a little, you can put it back in place. You do loose a little of what height you could get in the beginning. 
“Afters”: I don’t build up that much- and it wasn’t something I could do anyway as due to the lightness of the product a lot came out of the hair overnight and the rest came out with one shampoo. To be honest, that’s a plus for me. 

Where this pomade really impressed me though was how my hair felt after using it and washing my hair for a few days. My hair felt super healthy, which really pleased me. 

Overall, I have to say this pomade felt like it wasn’t quite a light hold as I consider it- it would need more hold for that. But if you think of it as a topper (as the shine is pretty great!) for something like a medium or heavy it would be great. Likewise if you think of it as a hair dressing- it excels and is similar to Shear Revival hairdressing which I love. This Antlers feels slightly less oily and a bit more conditioning than it. 
All in all, this is a good solid pomade/ dressing and I can’t wait to see the finished product come out. Thanks again to Ben for giving me a chance to review and feedback on the upcoming light from his company. This was my first chance using something from Antlers and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some more! 


Pomade Review: Joltin’ Joe

Alrighty guys, how are we doing? It’s the weekend, so pretty good I’d guess!

Well, first thing’s first, I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review! I’ve also decided that at the beginning of each of my reviews I’m going to include a song I’ve been digging in recent days, or that reminds me of the pomade I’m reviewing. Feel free to press play while you read the review!!! Since this is my first review, and since this is an Irish product (what else would you expect from the Dapper Irish Dyke???) we’ll be having an underrated Irish song this week!

So here we go, with a product¬†which can be got from the lovely folks in Waldorf Barbers- a washable product called Joltin’ Joe Hair Slick. Now, full disclosure, Waldorf have stopped cuttings women’s hair because of a few bad experiences with some female customers, which I understand. While I’m not exactly ecstatic with that decision, I still really REALLY dig this product, and I’ve never actually seen it reviewed. So here I go! I’m still deciding on a format for my reviews, but for now I’m going to break it down into a couple of different sections. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!


Well, as you can see the tin is a standard silver screw top, holding 100ml of product. The yellow label with Joltin’ Joe diMaggio really pops out from the tin and I have to say, looks great! (Please be aware that I’ve had this a while, so the tin looks a bit bashed as it’s moved house a few times, and been on a few holidays too! The tin new looks really sharp.)

Joltin' Joe

The side of the tin has a label too- again the yellow pops, and contains the Waldorf saying: It pays to look good. Ain’t that the truth?

Joltin Joe

The product:

When you open the tin, you’re met with a creamy paste- but definitely more on the creamy side. Kind of like an “oilier” Dax Hair Shaper.

This is a well-used product of mine, as you can tell!!

This is a well-used product of mine, as you can tell!!

The next thing you’ll notice is the smell.

You guys, this stuff smells AMAZING. Kind of like peanut butter and chocolate- a bit like Reeses’ Cups, I kid you not! It’s just a gorgeous smell. And it stays in the hair. Bonus.


As the product is so creamy, applying it is really really easy. I use the product in two different ways- you can either apply to damp hair and style up like you would with a petroleum based pomade, or you can apply to dry hair (sparingly!) to just lend a bit of control to your hair without weighing it down.

The cream itself emulsifies in your hands really nicely, making it really easy to work in.

Applying to damp hair means you get a much higher hold, although it’s still a medium. It’s tougher medium though. It doesn’t really dry, at least not like a gel pomade does.

Applying to dry hair just keeps it neat and tidy, with a lot of movement of the hair still possible. Not really a product for the folks with thick hair, or major curls I’d say.


You can see the result here in these pics (this was styled in damp hair). It’s pretty easy to style with, easy to apply and easy to get a nice sharp part (so long as your cut is decent to start with!)

joltin joe

Like I said, its a very good product. It applies easily, and holds well throughout the day, staying pretty recombable. The finish is relatively natural, or matte, which is something I like every now and again.

It rinses out well with just water, but a shampoo helps get the oils out (there’s lanolin¬†in the product).

All in all, a decent addition to the collection. You can get this stuff in the Waldorf Barber shop in Dublin. Well worth checking out if you’re in the city!

See you next time, probably with another review. I’ve got a good few products to review (yeah, just one or two…)

Til then, stay dapper, peeps!

Getting pomade out of your hair.

Alrighty ladies and gents and everyone who doesn’t feel the need to decide- it’s back to hair we go!

So, some of you will have seen my previous posts on hair (like this one, and this one). Some of you have left messages, messaged me on Twitter and Facebook, and even by email. Thank you all so much! I think those two previous posts covered the basics of using pomade to style traditional mens styles (like contours and pompadours), but something I haven’t really covered is how to get pomade OUT of your hair!

As you’ll remember, oil and petroleum based pomades like Dax aren’t actually meant to come out of your hair at the end of each day. That means that they don’t come out using regular hair washing methods. This is, of course, a bit of a change to your mindset when you start using it! There are a few things to understand when you’re using these kinds of products. I’m going to attempt to cover these in this post.

1) “Build Up”

They key thing to remember when you’re using a petroleum based pomade is that it takes more than standard shampoo to remove it from your hair. However, some will come out on your pillow overnight. This means that you will need to put a little more in to get the same hold each day. This is what is known as “build up”. The advantage of this is that you use less product as your pomade is building from the previous day rather than starting fresh every day. Many people (myself included) find that the ease of styling also increases as time goes along with build-up. But it does take some getting used to.

2) Washing your scalp

Ok, so you might only wash out your pomade every 4-5 (or more!) days but your scalp needs care. Leaving petroleum on your scalp isn’t a great idea- your pores need to breathe. That’s why I still wash my hair with either just hot water or a light shampoo every day in the shower. This also helps with styling- I find trying to restyle “dry” hair to be really difficult with my hair type.

3) “Degreasing”

Ok, down to brass tacks. Getting the pomade out.

From Awkward Yeti

There are a few different methods people use. What I’m going to do is tell you the ways I do it. You’ll really have to do a bit of trial and error for yourself, and your own hair type. I’m pretty lucky in that my hair is fine and relatively straight- which makes it relatively easy to manage.

a) Dish soap

Most basic, and with (probably) no need to go make any purchase- using dish soap. The reason this works is because that dish soap is made to get rid of grease on plates and saucepans. That does mean it can be pretty harsh on your hair and scalp though. But it does get the job done.

The way to use dish soap to degrease your hair is to actually apply it to your hair “dry”- that is, without wetting your hair first. You will need to work it in the hair down into the scalp and let it sit as long as you can. After about 15 minutes, wet your palms and work the soap in again, and comb through with a fine comb. Rinse out with the hottest water you can stand (which will help melt the petroleum) and wash again with the dish soap. Depending on your hair, and how much build up you have in your hair, you might want to wash with a regular hair shampoo just to make sure you get it all. And I’d highly recommend using conditioner, because dish soap is hard on your hair.

b) Water-based pomades

Weirdly, water based pomades can really speed up the “degreasing” process. I have no idea why, but they do. This process can take up to 2 days to really clear all the pomade out- which appeal to some folks because you’re not “shocking” the hair or stripping it quickly. Basically, after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you just apply a water based pomade (like Sauvecito or Layrite) and style as usual. After the next wash you’ll notice that your hair feels “lighter”- this is the pomade coming out. It’s a pretty simple procees but it does take a few days to get fully degreased and clean hair.

c) Specific shampoos

There are lots of shampoos that are specifically made to degrease hair and get the petroleum products out of the hair. Some of the best known ones are:

Dax shampoo

Black & White shampoo

Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

Royal Flush

However, the best shampoo I have found for getting pomade out is actually Tresemme Deep Cleanse– which is really easy to pick up in stores and it’s a really decent price.

I apply it dry and let it sit for about 10 minutes before getting into the shower- I then rinse and shampoo once more in the shower and I’ve found that gets it all.

d) Groom and Clean

You guys, this stuff is AMAZING. This is a product that has been around for years, and is billed as a cleansing greaseless hair control. It’s basically a water based pomade, but that really does a great job of breaking down pomade. It’s available widely in the US, but very hard to get your hands on in Europe. You can get it on Amazon, though, and a few other online stores. I apply before going to bed, comb it in really well, and then in the morning one shampoo gets my hair squeeky clean!

4) Styling in the mornings

If you’re building up pomade, the mornings can be… interesting. Some pomade will come out on the pillows, and I find that just brushing and adding new pomade doesn’t make it easy to style. YOu almost need to “reset” the pomade. I either rinse my hair in the shower, or I use a spray bottle filled with water to wet it. I then simply take a small amount of pomade and reapply, mostly on the back and sides. Then I just style as normal and away we go!

I know this was a long winded post, but I hope it answers some of the questions you’ve all been asking. Feel free to comment, of course, and get in touch whatever way you like.

Until next time- stay dapper, peeps!

Finding a barber (again!)…

Ok, guys, after the last few posts being mostly based on slightly philosophical subjects and ending in a bit of naval gazing, it’s time to get back on track a little, and start talking about hair and style again!


(A very excited turtle, via CuteEmergency)

You may remember, from one of my first hairy posts, that I was getting my hair cut in the Waldorf Barbers, in Dublin. Unfortunately, I started getting reports that they were refusing to cut women’s hair. Now, I understand if a woman was going in, looking for a ‘trendy’, faux-hawk type style, that you’d rarely see coming from a really old-school barbershop like The Waldorf. (Side note, are we in 2005? JK, I love all you faux-hawkers!!) Or a very feminine cut, that you might get from a salon like Toni & Guy or Peter Marks. But it seemed odd to me to be actively turning away customers based not on the style they wanted (which the barbers there may not be trained in) but on their gender. It’s a real shame, because I got some of the best cuts of my LIFE there, particularly from Katherine, who is an absolute lady and a world class barber.

But even though they hadn’t asked me to leave or denied me a cut, I didn’t feel right about using a barbers that wouldn’t cut my friends hair. So the hunt was on to find a new barbers. Easy, right?

Well, yes and no. My first choice to try was Sams Barbers, who I had recommended to some folks here and on my Twitter feed as a great place to buy pomades in Dublin, although I’d never had a cut there. They are a pretty large Irish owned and run chain of barber shops across Dublin. So I went into the shop closest to me, Dame Court, where all cuts are ‚ā¨17. Which is nearly half the price I was paying in the Waldorf- I wondered what the quality of the cut would be like.

I didn’t actually get that far. I was refused service, being told they did not cut women’s hair, but that if I went to their flagship branch (on Ormond Quay, right by the river in Dublin), they cut women’s hair there- for ‚ā¨25. Even though I already had short hair, and wanted the EXACT style the guy that was getting cut there at that exact time was getting.

Needless to say, I was pissed. And I let Sams know, via Twitter. Ah, armchair warriors, unite!



Now, I thought no more of it, shook the lesbian Facebook tree, and got a recommendation to visit the Star Barbers (where I hasten to add I got an great cut, and a great chat from Mark, the owner. Definitely recommended.) and kind of wrote off Sams.

BUT! Within a few hours, I had a private message awaiting me. (I like that they didn’t just reply to the public tweet. Shows a bit¬†of class. Always good.) They apologised so profusely, and really wanted to impress upon me that it is 100% NOT their policy in any way to refuse business from anyone, and definitely not by reason of gender, whatsoever. After messaging back and forth for a little while, I got a phonecall from the manager in Ormond Quay, again apologising, and offering me a complimentary cut, and some pomade to make up for being refused.

I gotta say, guys. I was impressed. They dealt with a situation which frankly made me feel like sh*t at the time in a very professional, fast, and magnanimous manner. And it wasn’t like I was gonna say no to a free cut and some pomade, right? Who’d do that?

So, off I toddled yesterday to Sams. Whilst I was impressed and pleased with how they treated my complaint (which I admit I felt slightly sheepish about sending after the dust settled a bit…), I was reserving a bit of my judgement to see how they cut my hair. I really needn’t have worried, at all.

Elle gave me a very, very good cut, taking note of the way it flowed over my head and has oddly started to grow in about 5 different directions since I got a bit of a bad cut in Waldorfs a couple of months ago. (Seriously, I have cowlicks where I never had them before!!) What I really enjoyed was the little details they include with a cut there, like a 2nd wash after finishing the cut to get the tiny hairs off your scalp. Small touch, but appreciated.

After I was finished, I got talking to James and Sam, and again, they couldn’t have been nicer. We got to talking about pomades, and they showed me their range, which is usually more stocked than these pics show (and apologies for the not-so-great pics, it was a really bright day and the cabinet was really reflective!)


The cabinet of wonder!!

The cabinet of wonder!!

They stock the classics that I’d always recommend (Murrays Super Light, Sweet Georgia Brown Blue and Black & White) along with a lot of WB’s like Layrite, Sauvecito, Steadfast, Uppercut… The WB’s do sell better, so they have a bigger selection of them, which I can totally understand. I did, however, get a hold of their last tin of High Life VooDoo Island, which I have in my hair at the moment!

Dat shine! (Voodoo Island in the hair...)

Dat shine! (Voodoo Island in the hair…)

I’m also stoked to hear they’re developing their own range of pomades from the ground up- I can’t WAIT to try them out.

All in all, I was very impressed with Sams. After an initial bad taste in my mouth, I now have nothing but respect for these guys, and the barbers they have working in their shops. My cut was really great, and the service is cracking, with a really good range of pomades in stock to try at any time. And I wanted to¬†tell¬†the women out there who are thinking of getting cut in a barbers to try Sams out. I know that this is a pretty popular look at the moment, particularly in the queer community here in Dublin, but it might be scary to just walk into a barbers and get refused- you won’t have to worry about that with Sams.

Oh, and before I go, some news. I’m going to start reviewing pomades here in the next few weeks. I know there’s tons of guys out there reviewing at the moment, and I don’t necessarily think I can do any better. But these reviews will be a bit different- I’m co-opting my girlfriend in to do reviews too. So both of us will be reviewing the same product, but for very different styles. I’ll be styling my usual contour/ mini pomp and she’ll be… doing whatever it is femmes do to make themselves look fabulous. It’s a mystery to me, folks, but I guess I’ll learn, eh? We’ll present the reviews side by side(or as ‘side-by-side’ as WordPress let’s me!) at the same time. It could get weird, but hey! I guess we’ll soon find out.

Until then, stay dapper peeps!


Pomade basics… 102!

Howdy folks! How are we doing today? Having a good day? Good hair day?

Right, so my last post focussed on the basics of pomades, and the difference between water-based and wax based pomades. You can read up on that here. I figure the next stop on this introductory trail is the difference in holds, and the types of hair they’re best for. Because all of us have different hair, and it’s important for you guys to know the different types of pomades and what the different ingredients do when styling. Also, I have a specific type of hair, so what works in my hair won’t work in someone else’s…

( Most of this post will reference wax-based pomades, rather than water-based. I don’t use WB very much, because I personally have trouble styling with them- they fight my hair and it ends up not looking half as smooth as with wax based. Having said that, I’ve just found a fantastic WB that allows me to do just that. More on that later…)

First of all, my hair type… I have fine, Irish hair. I have a fair amount of it, which always lead me to believe I had thick hair, but I don’t. My hair itself is fine, which means that I can’t use the same products as someone with thick, curly hair. My hair used to be really curly, but as I’ve gotten older it’s started to straighten. Now, it’s more a gentle wave, if anything. Which can cause it’s own problems, and dictates how my hair styles, but that’s another issue! But I’m quite lucky in the pomade world. I can use lots of stuff and get good results- some better than others. When it comes to classifying pomades and figuring which ones to get, I tend to sort by hold. You have light, medium and heavy. Recently I’ve noticed a bunch of homebrewers making ‘super heavies’ but I haven’t tried any yet, and probably won’t! And this classification is purely MY classification- some of what I call mediums are labelled as ‘light’ by the makers, etc. So be aware of that when thinking about what kinds of pomades to try out!

Light pomade:

Ok, so let’s start with the light pomades. These tend to have petroleum or petrolatum as their top ingredient, and as a consequence are light and greasy, usually. They are usually very shiny, easy to apply, and don’t offer that much hold, although they do have enough for me to comb a modest pomp or keep an executive contour in line. If you have thick hair, forget about it. Some of the lights that I have in my arsenal and daily rotation are Dixie Peach, Murrays Hair-Glo, Dax Super Neat and Tres Flores.¬†


Light pomades


Lots of people use light pomades as ‘toppers’, which means as a top coat to add shine and scent to a heavier holding pomade. Because as you go ‘up’ in hold, traditionally you go ‘down’ in shine. This is because petrolatum gives shine, but doesn’t really give hold. That comes from wax, which doesn’t really have much shine.¬†

Medium pomade:

Mediums are just that… the middle ground between hold and shine. They tend to have a higher wax content than light pomades, and will have a decent amount of sheen. People with thicker hair might get away with using mediums on their own, but may need to move into the heavier pomade arena. Mediums are my go-to’s for full on styling. My favourite pomades are mediums. For high shine mediums I go for Sweet Georgia Brown (Blue), Murrays Super Light and Dax Neat Waves. Otherwise, some of my favourites are Green Fairy, Pompage, Bees Knees and Dax Green and Gold.¬†



Heavy pomade:

Heavy pomade is something I don’t have the best knowledge of- just being honest! I have used a few and they’ve just been too heavy for my fine hair. I don’t even have hot weather to worry about with light and mediums (heat can compromise the hold) to make me try them. I have tried a few, and while I can tell some of them have been great, they just didn’t work for me. The wax content in heavies are usually high, and often mix different types of waxes (beeswax, microcrystalline, soy). Of the heavies I’ve tried, I’d recommend Pompking and Dax Wave and Groom. I wish I could have a medium with the smell of Dax Wave and Groom, it reminds me of my childhood, someone in my family must have used it!!!


I reckon that’s enough to be getting on with. As always, if anyone has any questions, ask away, I’ll do my best to answer them. Next time I’ll probably go into styling and using pomade to get different results…

Stay dapper, peeps!



Pomade basics 101.

Pomade. A small word, with lots of myths and mythology around it. In this post, I’m going to try break it all down into bitesize chunks, from my experience of using it and trying out different types for the last year. Now, I’ll be honest with you guys- I LOVE pomade. I love styling with it, experimenting with it, trying new ones, classics, different shines, different smells. At last count I had over 40 different types.


My pomade collection a few months ago. It’s about triple this size now…

Yeah, FORTY. My girlfriend hates me. :p

Anyway, here are some things about pomade that you might have been wondering about- sometimes the pomade and vintage world can be a hard one to crack into, information-wise. While I love all the pomade and pomapadour appreciation groups out there, they are overwhelmingly dominated by guys, and so for some people that could be intimidating, or a bit nerve-wracking. Fear not! I’m here to answer questions. So if you have any that aren’t included in this post, PLEASE leave a message or email me. I’m lovely, I swear!!!

1) What exactly IS pomade????

Ok, so let’s get basic. According to Wikipedia (who of course we can totally trust!) pomade is;

 is a greasy and waxy substance that is used to style hair.

Pretty simple, right? Well, not really once you get into it. There are actually a couple of different types of pomade, depending on their ability to wash out. You could simplify this into ‘water-based pomade’ and ‘wax/ petroleum- based pomade’. Traditionally, all pomades were wax/ petro based, and made the hair slick and shiny.

Pomades really started to take off in the early 20th century; many of the big names like Murrays (1925), Black & White (1922), Royal Crown (1936), and Sweet Georgia Brown (late 1920’s) are still around and making pomade the same way today. So there’s history to it, which I personally really love.

2) Ok, so what’s the difference in pomade types?¬†

Well, as I said you have water-based, and wax/ petro based pomades, and while they both have the word ‘pomade’ in the title, that’s pretty much where to similarity ends. Now, before we go any further, I have to warn you that many guys in the pomade appreciation world get their knickers in a twist about water-based pomades, claiming them to be gel, and not pomade, and only for pansies, yadda yada yadda. BORING. I say fire ahead with whatever suits your lifestyle and hair best. But, I might as well let you know my opinions. Lucky you.

Wax based pomade doesn’t wash out. Water-based does. That’s the main crux of the issue. But there are other issues, and here you go:

Wax pomades (from now on I’m just going to call them pomade, and water-based will be abbreviated to WB. I can’t be arsed typing everything out…) have a list of ingredients like beeswax, petroleum, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, fragrance etc. Main ingredient will be wax or petroleum, depending on the product, and the hold etc. For example this is the full ingredient list of one of my favourite pomades, Bees Knees:¬†

Raw Lanolin
Tea Tree oil
Peppermint oil
Eucalyptus oil

Pic of Bees Knees pomade (c/o The Dapper Society)

In contrast, WB pomades have some serious chemicals in them- like Layrite (one of the most popular and widely available WB pomades), whose ingredients are;

Water (Aqua), Cetereth-25, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate-20, PEG-7 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, PEG-8 Methicone, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, Fragrance (Parfum), Red4 (CI 14700) Yellow 5 (CI 19140).

Layrite original (from

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of putting that many chemicals into my hair and onto my scalp on the regular. If I can’t pronounce it, I dunno if I want to rub it on me.

3) So if you can’t wash pomade out, isn’t that… gross?

Maybe. If you don’t ever let water or shampoo near your head. I wash my hair every day, I just don’t wash the pomade out. I know that might sound odd, and I know when I first started I found the idea weird too. How can your hair be clean if it always has product in it? Truth is most of us wash our hair WAY more than we should. It’s pretty much self cleaning. Washing with shampoo strips all the natural good stuff of our scalp. Rinsing your hair every day, and washing with shampoo every third or so day is one of the best ways to keep hair healthy.

It does take getting used to, and it’s not for everyone. But personally I’ve found my hair to be in far better condition since I started using pomades and washing my hair less. And I have ZERO dandruff. Most pomades I use have great essential oils in them like teatree, peppermint, jojoba… My barber even comments on the condition of my hair now. Plus I save a ton of money, because rather than have to use shampoo and conditioner and product every day, I use far less than I used to. And I save time- most mornings all I need to do is rinse my hair, put a small bit more product in (to replace what has come out overnight and in the shower) and comb my hair. Done in about 3 minutes. Whereas if I were to wash and shampoo and restyle from scratch every day… yeah, way longer.

But everyone has their limit. I know guys who don’t “degrease” for 2 or 3 weeks. Personally, I can’t go more than about 3 days without needing to completely cleanse my hair of all product. I just don’t like how my scalp feels (even though I do rinse it every day) and my hair is pretty fine, so build up for me isn’t great- it starts to weigh my hair down and it’s not good. I also know of people whose partners have a fit at the state of greasy pillows and ruined pillowcases- pomade does rub off at night!

4) I heard using pomade makes your hair fall out. 

Pomade doesn’t make your hair fall out. Improper care of your scalp can do that. And because you comb your hair a lot when you style with pomade, the hairs that naturally fall out during a day can come out all at once, making it look like chunks of hair are coming out. Yes, leaving petroleum and wax on your scalp for long periods without letting your scalp breathe can cause oxygen to stop getting to your pores, which causes problems like spots. But like I said above, if you do it right, this doesn’t occur. I usually have one day a week where I use no product or a light WB product to let my scalp breathe. I’ve been using pomades every day for a year now and if anything my hair is thicker and fuller than before!

5) But… how do you use pomade?

I wish someone had been available to answer this question for me a year ago! I had no clue what I was doing, ended up buying the completely wrong product and freaking out because my hair looked terrible and I had no idea how to fix it. My next post is going to be about how to choose the right pomade for you, but for now I’ll say this; pomade needs to go IN your hair. Not on top. You need to apply it right down to the roots, not just let it sit on top. You use your hands to apply it, a comb or brush to work it through, and a comb to style. Do it right and it’ll stay where you put it all day. ¬†I will also make a few videos to go with my posts, but right now I’ve been sick in bed for a week and I am in no fit state to show myself off to the world!!!

So I hope this post has helped a few people with some questions that they were curious about. I am a huge fan of the slick, sharp styles that can be created pretty easily using pomade, and I’ve seen a few butches and dapper so-and-so’s that have everything down except the hair, which is a shame. The sheer number of products is astounding, and there are almost as many ways to style as there are people! So it can be a bit daunting to someone coming into this arena for the first time. If you guys have questions or comments, I’d LOVE to hear them. As always, you can follow me here, or on Twitter, Facebook and soon, Pinterest. (I do have a personal account but I need to set up one for my blog I reckon!!!)

‘Til next time, stay dapper!

Outfit updates

Hey guys and gals and everyone in between- you beautiful beautiful people you!

You might sense that I am in a good mood, and you’d be right. The sun is shining GLORIOUSLY in Dublin at the moment, which means everyone feels great, so everyone looks great. Short skirts and shorts are ten a penny, and this lesbian couldn’t be happier! It’s Friday, too, I mean COME ON!

I also had a great couple of days… I have been making a few submissions over on the FANTASTIC QueerBois tumblr (check it out if ¬†you haven’t already, it’s great!) and a few reblogs have happened, which is pretty cool. I even got reblogged from the QueerBois site to another tumblr I follow, which was a bit strange, seeing myself pop on the equally great Masculine Of Center tumblr! But for those of my followers who haven’t succumbed to Tumblr, I said I’d stick up a couple of the pics to share with you. I ‘m getting more and more confident in my accessorising… even it’s it’s terrible, don’t tell me!

Sharp for summer

Black Tie stylin’…


Anyway, enough of me and my mug! I hope all of your guys’ summer calenders are starting my fill up nicely with parties and bbq’s that give you great excuses to either dress up in your finest dapper duds or at least oogle those of us who do! ūüėČ

‘Til next time, stay dapper, folks!