Come follow me…

Hey everyone! Man, it’s been a while, huh? Over a year to be exact. God, I’m rubbish at this.

(Not sorry for posting that AMAZING version of one of my favourite songs of the last few years. So much love for both versions.)

So what, you might cry, has been happening with me?

Well, I’m still working. A lot. Hence the lack of posts here. I’m still super active on Instagram, and to be honest it’s where I prefer to hang out these days. So come on over and follow me. I promise a relatively steady stream of hair, style and cat related posts. I’m going to try and get better at Facebook too. Although I can’t promise anything!

What else? Well, I’m getting married this year.

MARRIED YOU GUYS! And amazingly, I won a fully bespoke tailored suit from the amazing folks over at A Hand Tailored Suit. Obviously I can’t let the cat out of the bag as I’m trying to keep the details from my fiancee, but I can tell you there will be peak lapels, velvet and copious details.

I was also honoured to have been featured on DapperQ’s 100 Most Stylish Dapper Q’s 2016 (No. 38, if anyone’s wondering…).

There I am there. On the featured pic!!


If anyone’s wondering, that photo featured of me was taken by the incredibly talented Elisha Clarke, who shot our engagement shoot this time last year and who I’m so excited to have shoot our wedding in November. You can check out her work here.

Oh, and I made my stage debut! It’s a little project I’ve always wanted to do, and if you happen to be in Dublin on 7th April 2017, do come along to the Sugar Club, to the amazing Bella Agogo’s Steampunk Burlesque and Variety Show– I’ll be strutting my stuff on stage once again!


So I promise to TRY and update the blog a bit more. I’ve found my style evolving and changing over the last few years- to be honest as I have more disposable cash, thanks to the whole job thing- which I’d love to talk about. Maybe that can be my next post…

What would you guys like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments!



Well all you lovely peeps, Pride season 2014 is upon us in earnest, and as tomorrow is the Dublin (which yours truly is marching in and stewarding in a rather sexy fluorescent vest) I have made a celebratory playlist on 8Tracks. Its a selection of my favourite tracks from my favourite LGBTQ artists like Melissa Etheridge, Rufus Wainright, Katastrophe and Mary Lambert…

So have a listen, and if you like, follow me on 8Tracks!

Happy Pride everyone!!!!

Make and Do time!!!

I have recently moved in with my gorgeous partner (\o/), and we are travelling down that lovely road of trying to make a smallish basic white rental apartment look like ‘us’. Trying to make it seem like we live there, like it’s home, and that both our interests are included. We have made numerous trips to Ikea and back, and for the most part it’s worked really well. However, sometimes you just have to go looking for something a  bit different.

And sometimes, you have to MAKE it.

As I’ve blogged about previously, I like making things. There are some skills that it is assumed a Butch has, by right of birth. I have none of these. Well, ok, I have some (Wink Wink!!) but when it comes to DIY I’m… not exactly gifted. I can however cook, bake and sew- my mother would be proud! Therefore I rule at soft furnishings. I have so far made two rather lovely (if I say so myself) patchwork quilts, and a few cushion covers. I also (get this, dapper points coming) made my first ever self-tie bowtie the other night.

Nice, right? Anyway, what I’m saying is sometimes the best way to get something you love, that really reflects your personal style is to make it. That can mean sewing a bow-tie, taking your own perfect landscape photograph to display, screen printing a tee shirt or repurposing furniture. Sure, you can get something on the highstreet or in Ikea that will do the job, but let’s be honest- everyone else has it too. I don’t like being the same as everyone else. And I also don’t like spending lots of money. Which is where my latest project comes in.

My partner found a set of four basic wooden dining room chairs in a charity shop for 5 euro each. They’re bland and basic- perfect for what we want. Our plan is to strip them, sand them, paint them and reupholster them. And I plan to show you, dear readers, how we do it! But in the meantime, let me know if any of you have ever done anything like this- feel free to give tips and advice, for sure! Anyone out there into the crafting and repurposing thing? I’d love to see it if you are.

‘Til then, stay dapper peeps!

So, I read a book…

I am diversifying. Today’s post is about a book. Not hair, not clothes, but a book.

You see, I read a lot. And the older I get, the less I read novels and fiction, and the more non-fiction, biography and historical books I read. I’m a social scientist, too, which means I read a lot for my studies. So, naturally, when I started thinking more about butchness, and what it means (if anything) to me, I figured I’d better get myself a book. Books have the answer!

So I chose what is, I believe, a classic. A classic that thankfully is available for Kindle. I chose “Butch is a Noun”, by S. Bear Bergman.

The blurb for the book, according to those folks at Amazon is as follows: 

BUTCH IS A NOUN was a critical and commercial success when first published in 2006: a funny, insightful manifesto on what it means to be butch. Irreverent, tender, funny, difficult and sexy, BUTCH IS A NOUN is a narrative about growing-up and coming-out butch, wrestling and embracing it and then wrestling with it some more. It is a story of butch in its best and worst moments, about butch in the context of femme, butch in the orbit of another butch and butch trying to stand alone, sometimes bravely and sometimes foolishly, sometimes successfully and sometimes fatally.

I loved it. It got confusing at parts because there’s a big issue about gender pronouns that confuses me at the best of times (sorry, but it does!), but other than that, it’s so easy to read.

What was interesting in particular to me was how I found myself nodding along at an awful lot of passages, and how many little quotes I wanted to send my girlfriend. I don’t think I am as far along the butch continuum as the author, but an awful lot of the content rang true. I have since recommended this to a bunch of friends, and so I’ll be interested to see what their feedback is on the book. I don’t want to get too into a discussion here about the social value of butch and femme, or a debate about some of the big issues raised within the pages, because I started this blog primarily as a clothes and style blog! But I will say that any of my subscribers (and I do have some, it’s very exciting!) who are curious about the topic of gender presentation, butch, dapper, any of these issues, could do well to pick up a copy and have a read. And let me know what you think!

You can also check out Bears website by clicking this link.

Til next time (when we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming!), keep it Dapper!