Hair- it’s the one thing you wear EVERY DAY. People see it straight away. They NOTICE.  With the recent upsurge in the classic ‘prep’ and dapper styles of dress- particularly in the lesbian community- I have noticed an upsurge in interest in classic hair products like pomades etc. in this scene, and since most reviews of the products are by guys, I figured I might start something a bit different. Now, I will say in full disclosure, I am not a pomade/hair expert. I’ve only been using the stuff since about October 2012, but I have a big collection and well… I have opinions. Lots of them.

As I do reviews, I’ll link to them from this page so you can get at them from one spot. If there are particular requests, then by all means let me know- if I have that pomade, I’ll move it up the list for review! As always, the link at the top is the newest!

Review: Joltin’ Joe

Getting pomade OUT of your hair!

Finding a barber… AGAIN!

Pomade Basics 102!

Pomade basics 101

Hair update

Tools of the trade- styling tips (early 2013!)

Going to a barbers- The Waldorf, Dublin. 


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